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Levothyroxine and Carbamazepine

Does anyone take the above combination ? I have no thyroid now for nearly 10 years and maintained on 200mg levo as it suited me. In September I moved and joined a new practice. New gp said 200 too high and reduced me to 125 at which point I hit the ground running. Intervention by senior partner resulted in 200 being reinstated but only gradually...hopefully this week. Meanwhile I saw neurologist last week as I had a brain tumour removed last year which left me parylised down right side and I had to learn to walk again. Done that but I am getting focal seizures in that leg so have to go on carbamazepine . I have read that there is an interaction and having hit the lowest point yesterday in respect of depression ( first time couldn't face even work) I am worried what's going to happen next. Has anyone had experience of both drugs together ?

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Did you see my response to your similar question the other day?




No Rod I didn't ... Missed that one sorry


Oh my goodness I am so sorry rid . I had no recollection of evening asking the question before . Forgive me . Im in a bad way it seems . Sorry x


Fully accepted! We *all* do such things sometimes.

By the way, if you click on the blue "Reply to this", I will get an email alert that you have responded! :-)


My daughter takes both. She has her levo tea time her thyroid ft4 was low that's hy she started it shes only on 25mcgs x


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