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Weight issues

I have been hypo for the last 19yrs and for most of that time I've had problems with my weight I have tried every diet going and yes I have lost weight but it goes back on so easy it's like I'm fighting a battle which I am losing the weight is just piling on, I do Zumba twice a week I try to eat healthy but because all my joints are aching I can't exercise as much as I would like. I know being hypo doesn't help but I can't believe that, that little butterfly shaped gland really does all this to our bodies.

Please can anyone help!!!!



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Hi This is often due to low FT3. Make sure you have bloods TSH, T4 and Free T3 done ,then ask for a print out, must include ranges( all vary) and then post if you like. Any way if FT3 low in range ,you probably need T4 ( levo) and T3 on a script. Helps all the symptoms and slightly lowers the tSH

Best wishes,



Thanks Jackie my lady blood test was tsh 26.6 and t4 5.8 have never had a t3 but am off to see endo tomorrow so will see what he has to say.



26.6??? No wonder you can't lose any weight! That is much, much too high - especially for someone on thyroid hormone replacement. It should be under 1. You really do need an increase in your dose.

But I'm afraid you're going to have to believe that, that little butterfly shaped gland really does all this to our bodies. Because it does. The size of the gland is of no significance, it's what it produces that is important. Thyroid hormone is needed by every single cell in our bodies in order to function correctly. If we don't have enough - or even if we have too much - we are in trouble. In order to lose weight, your levels need to be optimised, and you still have a long way to go for that. Be patient. It will happen one day if you manage to persuade your endo to prescribe you enough hormone to be well. But it takes time...

Hugs, Grey


Tina, Any decent endo should do a Free T3 ( there is another useless one), also all the other associated diseases. Ask for a copy of endo`s letter to GP and a copy+ ranges of all bloods they do. If they do not arrive phone the secretary.

I always find helpful, even with my lovely lady , to take a list for me to refer to of everything.

Good Luck!

best wishes,



It doesn't sound as if you are on thyroid hormone replacement at all. Your TSH is very, very high.

This is a link which may give you some info. Some of the links within the topics may not work.


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