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thyroid auto immunity results from genova

hi guys/girls, just a quick question, i just found a test a did with genova diagnostics last july, and i noticed a few things, just wondering what your thoughts were on them, i recently had some new thyroid results back from my doctor so looking at my results from genova now they kinda make abit more sense, they were, they may be fine but i thought i would check with you wonderful people :) as i can feel a lump at the back of my neck and i still have all the awful symptoms,

many thanks


total thyroxine(t4) range-58-154 and my result was=136

free thyroxine (ft4) range-10-22 and my result was=15.2

free t3(ft3) range-2.8-6.5 and my result was=7.1

ft4:ft3 ratio range 2.0-4.5 and my result was=2.2

thyroglobulin(tg) range 0-40 and my result was= 20

peroxidise(tpo) range 0-35 and my result was =23

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Hi Dannycash

I am just waiting for my own tft resutls to come back from Genova myself having ordered the same set as yourself by the looks of it.

I have a similar situaiton according to my GP, low ft4 and high ft3 although my ft4 is lower than yourself at 11.7. I'm lookin gofrwar dot seeing the Genova results.

The endo my GP spoke with said that even though my FT4 was low I was clearly making up of rhtis myself with high ft3. The fact that this increase in ft3 with a low ft4 is indicative of a failing thyroid doesn't seem to matter.

My understanding of the anti bodiy tests is that if you are in range then they don't consider you have a problem with this on the NHS - but - if you are seeing someone private then they may consider you to be under attack as soon as there is any reading at all!

It's a minefield and will check my results against yours when they arrive in a day or so.

What has been happening with your diagnosis or not as the case may be via the GP since last July?


hi tulula, how are you? that is bonkers that we have such strong symptoms and the levels and they still think were compulsive liars lol why would someone say they had all those symptoms if they didnt have them? crazy isnt it, i know not all gps are the same, there are some great ones, just not near my house haha, genova are really good, they do a range of tests, am doing my b12 vit d with them too, have you got any books on thyroid? there is a book called stop the thyroid madness, its meant to be good, i just ordered it from amazon,

am going to do everything in my power to get my health back on the right track, no more waiting for months and been fobbed of by my gp, am actually changing gps tomorrow, i wrote them a letter saying i was disappointed with the service, makes them pay attention to you when you have send them documents, they have to file them in your notes, my friends dad told me,yeah interesting with the antibodies, i think the key is going private to a understanding gp, and all this could prob be solved, or at least be put on the right track, ive just been spiraling downhill since last july,, i just survived summer, i get hives real bad in summer so its hard, plus other regular thyroid symptoms on top, but i feel you always have to remain positive and optimistic, i still see myself healhy in my head running around enjoying life, :)


my throat is also sore most days and i can feel the noudles on the back of my neck, and my gp still refused a scan! i wasnt impressed, you really have to stick with it and keep researching and testing, you cant just stop ive noticed, or it consumes you, you have to keep your chin up and write things down what you have done ive learnt (tests), there is a company called blue horizon medical who do a wide range of blood tests too, and you go into a hospital and a nurse does it for you, bit like genova but they have a few more tests on offer and you dont have to worry about posting the bloods off to genova, :)


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