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So many symptoms

I have posted before but I would like to start a new one about symptoms. I have so many that it would take ages to list them all but the ones that are getting worse are, constant exhaustion and fatigue, aches, difficulty swallowing, brain fog, lack of memory, headaches, sleeping too much or insomnia, no amount of sleep makes me feel any different.

I get huge temperature fluctuations, night sweats, feel incredibly weak all the time and I just cannot cope with all this.

I finally made an appt for friday with the dr, a different one to see if she is any better, but i just dont know what to say to make her understand the severity. I am unemployed, have been for a year, and looking for voluntary work. I am doing a cbt course after being referred as my depression wasnt lifting, and nothing is working. I need her to listen and at least do some tests, but I am so unwell I just dont know if have the energy to fight anymore. It is affecting my whole life, and my partner is supportive but he too doesnt understand how I can sleep lots and still not feel any better. It causes arguments, we've split up, and I dont want to lose him. He is moving in with me shortly and I need to be able to function properly.

I havent worked in over a year. I WANT to work, I have tried desperately, and even getting voluntary work is near on impossible in my area..hopefully I will have something arranged soon but it is my partner who is going to have to be the main provider for now. I feel so bad about this and it again causes problems. I have a 17yr old who is refusing to go to school and he just stays in bed all day. I do not have the energy to argue with him every day. It is all such a mess. We cannot carry on like this. How can I make the dr listen and do something??

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I don't know how long it is since your last thyroid gland blood test? If you are due one, I wouldn't bother saying anything to her and arrange another appointment after you have your results (posted here with the ranges). Someone should then comment upon them and maybe you will have a little bit of ammunition to take to your consultation.

I am sorry your relationship is under strain, but it is your body( from head to toe) and cells which are under even more strain due to the fact that you appear not to have been given the care you need to bring your health back. Every single effort that you make is extremely difficult, and no-one except people who have undergone a similar situation can understand what we have to go through.

We have to read and learn as much as possible in order to try to recover our health, but we do need some co-operative doctors to do that.



Have you read the book The Thyroid Solution by Ridha Arem? It has a good section in it on relationships and how they suffer when people have thyroid disease. It explains a lot and there might be parts which are relevant to you. Might be good for your hubby to read those bits too so he can maybe understand a bit more about what's going on with you. Really feel for you. Stay strong and take care xx


do you know what makes me mad.? i was on a site about ME & its recognized as an illness & they can even claim dissability ,not to mention other help even though there isnt any drug prescribed drug they can take as they dont really know what causes it ,yet because thyroids has a medication for it ,we are deemed as ok while on it & its not classed as a dissability ,yet if we didnt have those meds...we would die! something seriously wrong there & because alot of ME sufferers have symtoms which cannot always be tested, scanned,, xrayed, blood tested ...doctors have to take their word for how bad they have it..


i,d also like to stress that alot of the symptoms an ME suffers are not unlike someone hypo. it is quite uncanny how it sounds like hypothyroidism &.maybe some of these people are being diagnosed wrong or not at all . here is a list of symptoms they suffer;

1. Severe, debilitating fatigue, usually made worse by physical exercise, for at least six months.

2. Impaired cognitive functions - inability to concentrate

- calculation difficulties

- memory disturbance

- spatial disturbance

- frequently saying the wrong word

- being unable to find the correct word

- being in a "fog"

3. Chronic Sore Throat.

4. Tender and swollen lymph nodes - especially neck and underarms.

5. Muscle Pain.

6. Multi-joint pain.

7. New headaches - often severe.

8. Non-refreshing sleep.

looks very familar to me some of these symtoms.


I totally agree with you, Janey!!!


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