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So tired I feel like I can fall asleep all the time


I have Fibro, Rheumatoid and Oesto. My rheumatoid doctor thinks something else is wrong but not sure what. I have a cyst on my thyroid that is unconclusive. Went to see an endo who had no notes on me just a blank piece of paper and a letter of referal from my doctor. He thinks it is not thyroid related although he is doing blood tests again and urine sample (full day). I am waiting till may to see him again, but I am so tired. At work I feel like I am falling asleep and my thoughts drift, same at home when I sit down to rest. i have waited 1 year after complaining to the rheumatoid doctor that I have lost weight, lost hair and I am fatigued. I ache all the time and have no energy. Any suggestions as I feel I cannot go on like this - i have no life.

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The rheumatoid doctor suggested that the Humeira was not working for me and suggested that I could go on a trial for a new drug that had not been approved as yet in the UK - I was given 3 steroid injections as a pick up as exhausted and then 2 injections in my hands when I went for the trial I failed due to my inflamation levels not been as high (due to the steroids I had just had bringing levels down!) I did not go back on humeira as he thought something else was wrong - wnet for a scan and was found to have a cyst on my thyroid unknown to me as no results given for a further 3 months then waiting on biopsy and appointment back to the rheumatoid doctor to be told I need to see an endo! Appointment was in February and as I walked into the appointment was told he did not think it was thyroid even not having any hospital notes of mine or blood results. So now waiting to go back to him in May and no appointment with the rheumatoid doctor till June! So I just have hydroxichloraquine and no humeira - just pain killers. I think I have not gone back on any bilogical as too expensive so left in no mans land feeling tired so tired and full of aches and pains. Not sure where I go now on this as rheumatoid doc think it is something else and endo does not think it is thyroid although doing results. i cannot last till either May appointment with him or appointment with the rheumatoid doctor till June. I feel like I could turn into rip van winkle!!!

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Thank you for your reply though xx

Do you have any thyroid blood test results you could post with ranges ? Are you receiving any treatment ? Do you have Hashimotos - the auto-immune version of Thyroid illness ? If you have not been tested it may be a good idea - as auto-immune conditions do go together. The Anti-TPO and Anti-Tg needs testing.

Also the Iron - Ferritin - B12 - Folate - VitD - they must all be tested and should be OPTIMAL in their various ranges.

I apologise for the questions - but we need something to go on so we can help you....

Fibro can be the result of LOW T3 - and everything else I have mentioned :-(

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I am waiting on the blood results from the endo so not sure what they are as yet.

I did not know this. What is the best to cook with then?


I hope the Endocrinologist has requested a full thyroid function test, which would include TSH, T4, T3, Free T4 Free T4 and antibodies before he makes a diagnosis.

When we have one autoimmune condition, it is not unusual to develop more.

Your symptoms do sound familiar and I'll give you a couple of links which may be helpful.

As soon as your tests are over ask when results will be ready. I assume your GP will get a copy so ask him for a print-out of the results and post on a new question.

When you have the blood test, I hope it is as early as possible as TSH is highest then and that's what most base their diagnosis upon.

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Thank you for your help and tbe links. So kind of you x

Thank you no one has ever mentioned this before. I will certainly check now and watch what I use on future. X

Oh dear you had a rough time. I hope things are better for you now. It took 5 years before I was diagnosed with Ra then another few years with fibro. At one stage I was told I had a busy life with 3 children that is why I felt unwell before they found I had RA. Now it looks like it will take another while before I know what I have now I already have waited 1 year! No rush then! I feel rubbish in the mean while and fed up.

Sero positive I was told then fibro added as I was having aches and tiredness that they though was not related to the RA. Now they think something else is a miss but not sure so passed on to the endo! The endo thinks not thyroid although how he thinks it is not without tests I dont k ow and has said I might have to be paszed on to another consultant - more time wasted and I still feel like rubbish. You sound like you have now sorted your problem. Was this all linked to the metal aluminium? or did you have other illness. I am glad you are now fit again must be a great relief xx

No - no one has mentioned this. The rheumaoid doctor did think along the lines of lupus then disregarded that.

I am so glad you found your solution to your problem. It is - so it appears so hard to get anyone to diagnose correctly. Once you find the problem at least you can begin to get treated and maybe start to have some life again.

I hope one day to be at least fit to enjoy my garden although small compared to yours. My husband has to sort the garden - I can only tell him where to plant and when to prune!


Xtrema clay pots are one of the only cooking vessels I have come across that are safe to use as they have an organic glaze,

metal destroys minerals, never use any type of washing up detergent as they leave a chemical residue on the items that do not come off with rinsing, you can make your own detergent using citrus peels do a google search.

You would also benefit by using distilled water with a dash of organic sea salt, the ingredients must be listed on the packet of the salt otherwise you are only being given table salt which has had about 76 minerals taken out of the initial salt, standard table salt is toxic for your body so do not use this at all.

We are all deficient in Sulphur, Boron and Iodine if we do not eat organic foods as the chemical fertilisers (which are derived from uranium as is fluoride) restricts uptake of sulphur and boron as well as all the halogen elements in our diet fluoride chlorine and bromine restricting the uptake of Iodine these are in virtually everything from your food to plastic metal water etc,

There are things you can do which require a certain amount of effort on your part and that is to understand what is going on in your body and the pathways that are all connected for the body to utilise the chemicals we need,

so the thyroid as well as other parts of our body converts T4 to T3 this requires enzymes which are made in the liver, selenium and zinc are 2 important minerals as well as tyrosine that are needed in the process that are needed in this conversion then we move onto the hypothalamus which is connected to the pituitary which Is connected to the thyroid the 3 hormones that the thyroid makes are then used further on like calcitonin you need boron to bind with this to fix your arthritis problems, to uptake boron you need to preload with tyrosine you also need to combine this with magnesium (research Rex Newnham) Rex has had 2 papers deleted from PubMed as the people who control this world do not want his information getting out, arthritis affects around 25-30% of all people and can be cured with boron and magnesium this shows you how corrupt everything really is at every level.

the main way boron is uptaken by the body is in the stomach which means you need to get your absorption right, this requires B2 riboflavin and B6 pyridoxine this will stimulate your villi which will then get everything else ready all of your vitamins and drugs contain magnesium stearate which depletes your stomach lining preventing absorption, so the majority of vitamins are useless and do not work in the body and are in fact extremely detrimental due to the fillers and binding agents that are used in them, one brand that is grown differently is Garden of Life if you do not want to get your required chemicals from food which is pretty much the easiest and most effective way as the food will have its own enzymes which are used by the body for maximum efficiency you need to heat your food to body temperature (36C) anything above is not optimum and can cause reactions in your food that you do not want yes it takes a lot longer but how much do you enjoy being ill?

A decent amount of iodine 30-50mg is agreeable the Japanese get 12-13mg a day without incorporating the gas from the iodine in the sea the japs have the best longevity rate out of all of us so It cannot be detrimental always start small 1 drop a day and then increase to a drop twice a day wait 7 hours before you take the second drop, when you are depleted you need Iodine to remove a lot of the halogens and heavy metals from your body at 50mg a day this would take around 3 months to correct

antioxidants interfere with Iodine so you need to work on how to take it optimally (I have just found out this is wrong in fact vitamin c increases the absorption of iodine(

You are all ill so you should be starting threads that work through this for the benefit of all of you.

you would benefit from this amount of iodine for about 3 months this is needed to clear the toxins out of your body which is why you are ill if anyone removed the toxins from their diet and environment there health would improve no end.

we need selenium and tyrosine to uptake Iodine, nascent which is alcohol based is taken up by the body a lot better than lugols which is made with distilled water, also if you can get some Boron this works in conjunction with the iodine due to the hormone calcitron this binds the calcium magnesium into the bones

We need Iodine to remove the halogen elements fluoride Is a major carcinogenic agent which causes cancer they use fluoride as a pesticide as well as a binder in some medicines.

just as an example I will use peaches, when you buy any fruit juice which states it is made with 5% real fruit juice all of that juice is really just peach juice as it is the cheapest fruit this is a link to show you the amount of chemicals they spray on peaches

this has 24 hormone disruptors just in this one fruit.

so keep your kids away from fruit juices unless you are juicing them yourself

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Thank you for your reply. I will certainly look into this as it does make sense. What a pity this advise is never offered by doctors/consultants, would be so useful to us all.xx

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Honestly I don't think the doctors are intelligent enough to be able to understand it they are extremely arrogant which is a sign of low intelligence they are also dumbed down and are more than likely pushed into these roles of doctors as they are so easy to manipulate.

I was talking to a dental assistant last night and explaining to her how fluoride is poisonous and derived from uranium I also asked her how many canals our teeth have and she has been told maximum of 4 when the real figure is 75, root canals are one of the primary causes of disease so if you know anyone with one tell them to get it removed as soon as possible.

grow your own food is the very best advice any of us can follow do not use chemical fertilisers as they are derived mainly from uranium and restrict the uptake of nutrients

if you live in a flat research vertical farming if you have got a garden then a greenhouse is the safest way due to all the pollution they are deliberately spraying into the air

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This is so interesting. The more I find out the better it seems for me. How I wish this knowledge was freely available and explained to all as it make sense.

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LOL,but the knowledge is freely available you just don't get shown it in schools or universities. these institutions are used to dumb children down and the parents don't want to intervene and teach the info to them so they let the child become brainwashed.

You are obviously open to learning about this as it resonates with you most people just want to believe what they are told and not educate themselves, when people get knowledge they think they should keep it to themselves cos we are all taught that you should only look after yourself.

here's a couple of books articles to start you off this one is 1.54 MB

this one is 2.24 MB

I've been learning naturopathy for about 18 months in order to cure the body you have to stop putting toxins into it in the first place, so you have to look into the toxin side of things a great book although a little over the top is The Pure Cure by Sharyn Wynters

once you clear the arteries out by using organic sulphur this relieves pressure on the heart this then enables 5 other major organs to start working correctly you then just follow through the body putting the right nutrients for the right things, so boron for your bones & cell structure blah blah blah you will find that the 3 major elements boron iodine and sulphur contribute to around 150 -200 processes each in the body they have used chemical fertiliser to restrict the uptake of boron and sulphur to just 5% compared to pre 1954 when every government in the world forced the farmers to use it, disease went up 4000% allegedly over the next 5 years.

iodine is restricted by the lighter halogen elements chlorine and bromine and fluoride is chucked into this group under the pretense that it is a salt from fluorine when it is really made from uranium processing,

they can only extract 15% of the uranium from the tailings this is then turned into chemical fertiliser and the smoke that goes onto the walls of the smoke stacks is scraped off and put into your water as it is illegal to be dumped at sea apparently (I have not come across the proof for this yet)

Our world is run by psychotic maniacs who print money that is derived from trees and tell us it is worth something.

virtually everything in our lives is toxic, I have cured a few people in days just by removing certain things and putting the right water and foods into them another thing to remember is root canals if anyone is ill remove them immediately as normally the illness will be in that side of the body.

but one thing you have to realise is people would prefer to be ill and in pain in order to justify that they are right in their beliefs, iodine does raise intelligence and there is a virus that they have released that has made 40% of people insane this sits in the throat I believe either iodine or elder berry juice would probably cure this


aluminium is extremely toxic in conjunction with fluoridated water when you cook with fluoride it pulls 600ppm of aluminium out of the pan although testing done with pure water does not pull the aluminium out,

processed cheese has 50mg of aluminium a slice, deodorants and preservatives also use aluminium they are even using this in vaccines which do not need any preservatives as they don't die,

they are intentionally poisoning all of us and it is only when you start to research this and share the knowledge that you can fight back.

Japanese knotweed is alleged to get rid of lyme disease

I would also imagine Iodine would as it is such a powerful antibiotic and anti septic


yeah they also use BPA to seal the cans also a lot of toothpaste is just aluminium dioxide or titanium dioxide which is a poor quality metal that is slightly abrasive and brilliant white

use medical grade sodium bicarbonate to brush your teeth with as this binds with the calcium that is produced in your saliva and heals cavities.

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Another pearl of wisdom that no one tell you about. I will look into this. Thanks again. Any further knowledge of what to avoid or use would be very welcome. x

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read some of my posts I try and fit as much in for people even though I don't think they take any notice, even the organic foods they import are sprayed with pesticides and one of these is a major cause of pain I read. clean them with hydrogen peroxide

so very useful to buy some food grade hydrogen peroxide 35% . ONLY BUY THIS ONE as all the others have chemical reagents that you do not want in you. 7 drops of HP in one gallon of water this is extremely potent stuff hence the small amount but this is what your immune system uses to kill everything bad. and it also starts off lots of enzyme reactions in you which is far more superior to stuff like Vit C or E.

also a really good thing for your body is lemon and lime get a pestle and mortar and mash one of each up a day including the peels (very important are the peels and you should really eat all peels in fruit although investigate this as normally there are more nutrients in the peels)and drink it, use a blender if you have to but I don't like the metal aspect and have not come across how much it destroys apart from one chinese book I've got on this but we know its a fact that metal in the body greatly restricts the pharmaceutical drugs working,

and also Braggs apple cider vinegar is amazing for our health dunno if I have mentioned some of this but there you go. you have to be extremely picky with the brands you buy so if you want vitamin tablets you only buy Garden of Life there are probably others that are grown this certain way but basically most of the others are worthless and even detrimental to our health, you need to be brave and not get angry when you start researching these things as you will see just what scum the rich people are in this world :-)

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Can you please elaborate on the benefits of brags apple cider vinegar. I have recently been to a health camp which encouraged a shot before breakfast each morning but have now been informed that two teaspoons in filtered water is likely to have greater health benefits due to proctecting the enamel on teeth. WhT other benefits does he vinegarprovide?

I feel like This! But i only have an underactive thyroid and take 125 levythyroxine.

I keep telling my dr I just feel like someone has sucked the life out of me. It's horrible and frustrating as i never have any energy to do anything ever.

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