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Dr reduced dose set by Endocrinologist after 35 years !

Hi, I have Hashimotos, diagnosed 33years ago by NHS endocrinologist. Had radioacive iodine, then established on replacement therapy.Now, my GP has reduced my dose , saying I was "overdosed "on previous dose. and reduced it ,from 125mcg to 100 mcg, which is lower than my 93 year old mother ! (she's on 125mcg).Now after 3months I feel slowed up, forgetting things, my right hand and face are swollen,and I am weepy.what should I do ? Also, does Levothyroxine contain T3, as a lot of info here says I should be on that as well Can I request a return visit ti the Endocrinologist - or am I over0-reactingb here? Also should I be taking Vit D supplement?Please help! Thanks !

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Hi Hilary - sorry to hear this but I'm afraid unsurprising :( Many doctors do not understand thyroid disease very well and rely completely on the TSH test. Please can you post your latest blood test results on here - the ones that made your doctor reduce your dose? Someone will be able to comment.

It sounds like you probably don't need T3 if you were feeling well on your previous dose of 125mcg - just an increase back up to this level.

Yes you could request a return visit to an endo, but we might be able to help you persuade your GP to put your dose back up, once we have seen your results. If not then an endo would be a good idea, but it would be sensible to get some recommendations as some endos are as bad as GPs.

Clare xx


Sorry meant to say - could you ask for a repeat thyroid test now that you have been on your new dose for 3 months?


I would be booking an appt with my GP and taking a long list of the symptoms that have returned since he decreased your medication.

Stress the point that you have been quite happy for years on this dose and he has now made you feel very ill again with his decrease in medication. If he wont increase you by 25mcg's daily ask him for an increase on alternate days. Ask him to treat your symptoms and not your blood results and please do as Clarebear suggests and demand another blood test to see what your levels are doing.

If you dont seem to be getting anywhere with this GP please try another one in the surgery and if that fails speak to the practise manager regarding your concerns.

Moggie x


When you take your list of symptoms as suggested by Moggie insist that this list be put on your file so they are on record there. You have that right, I have exercised it before now, GP won't object. If you just verbally report matters GPs might not record anything.

Levo does not contain T3. About Vit D, ask that it be included in the next thyroid test, plus the regulars: folate, B12, ferritin so you can post the lot here.


Thank you all so much - untill I found your marvelous forum, I felt so alone in a wilderness , where I hadn't a clue ... and so many people I talked to simply said, " Leave it to the doctor - she will knows what she's doing- you don't !! ( why DO people think doctors are next to God, and we daren't question them!!) Will get back with my lad report on my levels asap... again, many thanks!


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