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Does anyone have a problem with continual mucus in the throat?


I was diagnosed hypo approx 2years ago and have had the problem since long before then. Doctor just shrugs his shoulders (same old same old). I have to say it has improved a little but it is still there...worse when I eat though. It is driving me mad. I am on 100 mcg of levothyroxine and have 'within range' levels. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Same here, on levothyroxine and within range levels, i have fibromyalgia, and mucus in my thoat, itchy eyes, etc, seeing an endricrinologist next tuesday, will let you know how i get on.

Thank you so much for your reply is a nightmare isnt it !?...hope all goes well with the endricinologist. I just dont know where to go from doctor is next door to useless, my next blood test isnt till October but I know he will say the usual "within range". Please do let me know how you get on....have they given you any reason for the excess mucus??? Kindest regards Maz

hblower in reply to justmaz

I make continous excess mucas in my throat and mouth, but I have have multinodular goitres and think the reason is the enlargement interfering with swallowing.

Best wishes Helen

Tiana1555 in reply to justmaz

I find that dairy products make phlegm worse.

Hi Guys. I used to have lots of problems like you until I discovered I had Coeliac Disease. There's lots of research linking Thyroid and Coeliac together as they're both auto-immune diseases. Often Drs palm patients off with telling them they have CFS, Fibro, or IBS. May be worth asking your Endo about CD at your next appointment. Or hop over to our site and ask any questions on GFGs.

kazbo1969 in reply to FionaGFG

I have those symptoms too and I am having a test for Ceoliac in a few weeks. My doc agreed because I cut Gluten/Wheat from my diet for 2 weeks and felt much better(although not recommended because you then have to go back on normal food for 8 weeks before you can be tested) but the hospital referred me to a nutritionist because of my weight gain and I went through everything with her and she agreed I should be tested.

I still have abnormal Thyroid function but not enough to treat it. Maybe one is causing the other??????

I will keep you informed

Hidden in reply to kazbo1969

Hi there are a lot of links between CD and thyroid. Also majority of thyroid disorders are autoimmune and patients find removing gluten or other triggers from their diet and lifestyle helps their thyroid levels. Worth reading up on.

Thanks you know I thought I was totally on my own with this problem. I have started conjuring up all sorts of problems in my head! Now I know that it is possibly linked to my thyroid problem I feel so much better. I have never been to an endo and think it may be a good idea to ask my doctor to refer me as he seems to think that if the 100mcg levothyroxine hasnt made me feel better then "there must be something else wrong with me" and dismisses me like a naughty child!

Me too! i have had it for 6 months since i was diagnosed subhypo (nothing 'sub' about it i can tell you!) after thyroid antibodies of 175.8 and tsh of 5.6. its just clean stringy mucus thats drives me NUTS!! i'm always hacking up like a cat with a furball LOL I have given up with my doctor and he has run every other blood test known to man and they are all 'satisfactory'. However even with 100 mg of levo and vitamins i still struggle with everyday life. which is sad because i eat a very healthy diet, excercise 3 or 4 times a week and dont smoke (barely drink as well).

I often feel like no one understands - apart from when i come on here, and i feel juuuust a little more normal as everyone on here seems to be going through exactly the same problems. worse part is i'm only 30 but feel about 100 most days!

Anyone got advice on how to change doctors/get more advice?

anyone else wake up with a sore throat most mornings?

All i can say is THANK GOD for this forum, it keeps me sane when sometimes i feel like i'm cracking up!!! LOL

Nikki xxx

I have had a sore throat for a year and a swollen uvula. I am hypo also but all the medicines they've given me make me horribly ill. I get rashes and blood pressure up to 160/100. The doctors don't care much and I end up missing work because I'm so sick. I feel your pain and am having a hard time with this. Is there an adjustment period with the medicines before you level off? It seems no one understands and they say just get up and go to work and I can't. Even many of my coworkers are shunning me. My constant brain fog has made me very forgetful and has affected my performance

We are all in the same boat Nikki....doctors dont treat a thyroid problem as a "real" illness just a minor inconvenience! You get raised eyebrows if you mention tiredness-aching limbs-mucus in the throat and are made to feel like you are wasting their time! As you say "thank god for this forum" it has taught me so much about my illness and makes you realise that you are not on your own. We just have to hope that, by some miracle, one day someone will listen to us! Until that time we must keep hacking lol! All my best wishes Maz xxx

selina1234 in reply to justmaz

I feel exact same way, Ihave so much mucas I have gone hoarse!!!!Feels just like a hugh lump of mucas stuck right in the middle of my throat!!!!Ask why no was JUST diagnosed with hypotyhroidism said same thing well your numbers have slowly been going down or up which ever way ts suppose to but was classfied IN THE RANGE!!!!!Been on new medication ging on 3 months see no change,tons og mucas driving me crazy!!!!!! Tired alot to!!!!So glad I found someone I can finally relate to its been a nightmare for me!!!!!!Sometimes I cry!!!!

ruthfg in reply to selina1234

Try a mucus/phlegm cough syrup it helps me a bit,also vicks Vaporub on my chest and throat at night and cough drops like halls

VIviannnn in reply to justmaz

Same here guys .. I think since I started taking levothroxin .. I am constantly having post nasal drip and mucus .. feels like coughing out phelg n so irritating .. any one got some resolve ..

I have it too! And a constant post nasal drip!! I am told it is allergic rhinitis - but to what I have no idea. Probably just another fob off! Hey ho! But the nose spray I has does help - its called nasonex. (I think that's how you spell it).

Thanks for the reply Kaz, isnt it a total nightmare! I have started worrying about what I eat incase that is sparking it off. What I cant understand is that some days its worse than is sooo embarassing. I read somewhere (cant remember where as I have been searching for an answer for so long) that tea is not good for us? Anyhow I now limit myself to one cup in the morning & drink water the rest of the day. Still got it though!!! I will try the nasal spray & see if that helps thanks Kindest regards Maz x

Babycakes19 in reply to justmaz

Have you ever resolved this excess mucas problem? I have been searching the web for years and never found an answer!!! And you are actually the first person I read about the exact same symptoms as me. Some days are worse than others! Mornings are always worse and it's embarrassing in my work and personal life!!!!!! Some days are so bad I am embarked to breath because it's a wheezing sound. I am so frustrated that I would pay for a resolution. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

Jenna6 in reply to Babycakes19

Did anyone reply...i am same and demented! Hoping they found a solution? Anyone try probiotics tablets?

Babycakes19 in reply to Jenna6

no one has ever replied back to me, but I still have the problem and no I have never tried Probiotic tablets...have you? and if so did it work?

Jenna6 in reply to Babycakes19

I have had this since my thyroid went 6 years ago and is driving me insane. Been to ent, had an endoscopy and now at gastro n still no idea on how to fix. Just had gallbladder checked also. Are you part of stop the thyroid madness group? They all suggest that with thyroid comes all these things and gut issues is one. It recommens NDT but I am in uk and cant get. I am not autoimmune and dont have coelic disease but they reckong gluten free is good. Many of them use probiotics (proper tablet form) and find it helps. I am awating 24ph test so cant start the probiotics but many on there have found they help. I cant tie it down to any food group, it seems to be anything. It also causes sinus headaches as I get all gunged up and find that worse tham the mucus.

Babycakes19 in reply to Jenna6

No I am not part of that group. I have never actually never even been checked for thyroid issues but it does run in my family. My mom has it really bad. I know it's weird that I was posting in a thyroid group but I was just putting my syptoms in Google in it come up in this group. I'm still waiting to get into my Dr. I love in Canada so it's sometimes a long wait to get in. I have had this problem for like 6-7 years. The only relied I have found was just recently because I lost 20 pounds but I have also tried different good groups and none of them seen to make a difference. Its just so darn frustrating and embarrassing...ahhhh

vaneshap in reply to Babycakes19

My doctor told me to use a saline nasal spray and that helps a lot. If i use it in the morning i'm mucus free all day. Only problem is if it use it more than 5 days in a row my eyes get dry (but i naturally have drier eyes) the reason for Nasal spray drying out my eyes is because all the sinus mucus membranes are connected so ... drying mucus on one dries another...

Babycakes19 in reply to vaneshap

Thank you so much. I am headed to the drug store first thing in the morning to try this. Fingers crossed. I really hopes this works!!! :)

Pamelaesper in reply to vaneshap

Hope it worked they give me sinus surgery after thyroid cancer. Still as bad as I was all of this linked somehow. The coughing, choking plhem is crazy. Always hacking it up like a fur ball. So embarrassing

VIviannnn in reply to vaneshap

Same prob here but I think it started after I am taking levothroxin. Which nasal spray helps ? Please suggest

By the way I had a complete check up last week...and I also had my thyroid checked and everything came back completely great. All test results were perfect!

ruthfg in reply to Babycakes19

check your number 3-5 is too much and it should be at the 1-2 range.Most Drs get insulted when you ask them about stuff they dont know yet

Pamelaesper in reply to Jenna6

Have all this as well

You took the words right out of my mouth in this post. I feel exactly the same way. I too have Tyriod problems and I wondered if this mucus issue is from my thyroids and/or acid reflux? For me it started about 5 years ago, and seems to slowly get worse every year. I've been to a few dr who all say it's just allergies or sinus infection.. I know what a sinus infection is and this is not that, plus I can't have this issue every day for the last 5 years. This year has been the worst as I can constantly feel the mucus build up on the right side of my throat. It can be hard or soft, ball like or stringy. Most recently I've noticed blood in it so I'm going to make an appointment with a different dr that a Co-worker recommend to me. I just hope we can find an answer because it's driving me nuts. I think hacking in gross but I can't help it, I feel so unless lady like. 🙁

Mine has recently had blood in it too. I assumed it was just because I do it constantly and my throat is so darn irritated. If you find anything out at your Drs can you keep us posted...I am so over this...

Had thyroid cancer five years ago have all of the above signs. Now give me sinus surgery. Nothing still there. I can't take it. Glad to see people struggle with this as well

I have hypothyroidism and am on thyroxine since 11 years. Facing problem with continuous mucous in throat since a year. This is what I found. It is dehydration expressing itself. This has helped me. Cutting coffee, drinking lots of water.

In the morning after more than half an hour of my having my thyroid med on empty stomach, I have this drink: 2 glasses of warm water with half a lemon squeezed in, 2 tsp honey, half a spoon turmeric powder, quarter a spoon cinnamon powder and a pinch of pepper. In the night at bedtime, I have this drink: 2 glasses of warm water with half a lemon squeezed in.

This has helped me greatly with my thyroid, weight reduction, no more hyperacidity, clear, tight skin, sluggishness and this is only since a week of the morning drink and a couple of days of the night drink. Lemon aids the liver which is closely related to the thyroid but be sure to have it in warm water where it becomes alkaline from acidic.

VIviannnn in reply to Revathi75

Did it help u in getting rid of mucus and throat clearing ?

I have had thyroid problems for two years but the mucus just started yesterday. Although I have a thick lining on my tongue, inside my cheeks because they seem raw. I have had changes lately because my dose was changed!!! I notice if I have any changes in diet and medication that causes changes in my mouth. It is in constant change.

Morgan1 in reply to justmaz

Hi, i was diagnosed with under active thyroid about 15 years ago and it took 2 years to get that diagnosis after complaining of symptom after symptom. Then it was difficult to get information on how to dose my thyroxine. So after trawling the internet I found that dose should be set on how you feel as well as having blood test but only asking for the TSH level as doctors always say T4 is normal....ridiculous! I had to try 150mcgs for 5 days and 175mcgs for 2 days and it worked for me by going on TSH. With regards to mucous I was prescribed Loratadine 10mg and that's worked very well for the last 12 years. I think Mucous is linked with side affects of Thyroxine.

Gut problems such as bloating etc are due to taking tablets for a few years and the gut reacting with ulcers as it's been under attack from tablets. I saw a really helpful locum doctor once and he instantly prescribed me with Omeprazole 20mg. Straight away I could eat without bloating again. Only thing I steer clear of is bread and thick pastas, things that have a lot of gluten.

Hope this helps :)

Mbranard in reply to justmaz

Try Flonase too.

I have had the same problem for the past 14 months, I am very hoarse in the morning which is very annoying and post nasal drip, GP gave ne antibiotics, sprays and sent me to the Hospital where I had a camera thing put up my nose, consultant said he could find nothing wrong apart from mucus and that we get that with age (49) he "prescribed" drinking fizzy water as it breaks up mucus apparently, it did not work though...just gave me wind! my GP laughed when I told her but I feel far from laughing, I have so many strange ailments starting to just want to go to bed and stay there for ever

Hi sometimes the body can react to things eg. allergic rhinitis all year around is something I have had since a kid. It did clear up a lot when I discovered I had Coeliac Disease yet in the summer and when the heating is on it gets worse. You could ask for a referral for allergy testing. Often dust mite allergy is a big problem for a lot of people. Buy mattress protectors (eg Boots, John Lewis), avoid carpet flooring indoors and go for wooden floors, wipe dust with a wet cloth, try taking an anti-histamine (ck with pharmacist that it won't interfere with other drugs you are using). Have you also tried reducing your lactose or diary items? I've been put on a contraceptive pill to balance my hormones and ever since I've had a gluey mouth and more catarrh. It could be hormonal, the sugars/ lactose in the pill or just the spring weather. Either way anti-histamines work well for me. I find hot herbal teas work best first thing in the morning as do Fishermen's Friends to suck on during the day ! The fizzy drinks will make things worse with all the sorbital, sugars etc in them. Doctors eh?! Nettle Tea, and Fennel tea are good to take as they are full of handy vitamins and help to reduce any yeast overgrowth which could be causing the mucus. Keep a food diary and see if you can spot any foods that maybe triggering in it? Sometimes natural histamines in wine, chest etc or sulphites can cause problems.

justmaz in reply to FionaGFG

Thanks Fiona...I think you are right in everything you say...I do believe now that it is allergy related....I have stopped drinking calorie free drinks and drink bottled water instead and have found the problem is a bit better. I am also noticing the mucus increases when I eat dairy so that is now a no no. My doctor is useless he makes me feel like I am being a nuisance. My dad had SLE (Lupus) and myself and my brothers have all sorts of auto immune problems it was having the lupus test that I discovered the thyroid problem..but I feel far from better even with the 100mcg levo. The doctor has never explained anything to me...I dont even know if my thyroid problem is auto immune related...without this forum I would be lost!!!! My next blood test is not until October but I already know they will come back in 'normal' range lol. I just cant be bothered with the doctors anymore and rely instead on this forum and the wonderful people on it. Thanks for your help luv Maz x

Pamelaesper in reply to FionaGFG

I hope this works for some, after thyroid out. I went down hill. All of the signs but I had sinus surgery. On meds now. And it never stops. The pool phlem, chocking coughing. Is so bad I sleep in chair. I lost my life. I don't know why this happens noone seems to know. Nasinex all above nothing. Good luck and if anyone finds a cure I'm waiting

Since being given Levothyroxine 75mg after Carbimozole alone, I have developed terrible runny nose that wakes me up. I also have asthma which appears to have got worse, but I am guessing it is because of the thyroxin. Also blowing nose all the time, and nothing clears it. Will report back after Endo appointment in March, when I will ask the questions about this situation.

I have it. Its doing my nut in. I can never clear it. Just a constant annoying lump low in my throat. I have had a camera down there and been told its all clear and fine and its not actually there. Its a sensation due to having pro longed acid reflux. Just a load of crap really cos they will never say mmm I dont actually know.

I used to be on Levothyroxine (100) and had bad post nasal drip and sinus issues. Then I switched to desiccated thyroid and the post nasal drip went away. Recently I went back on the Levothyroxine at my doctor's request and the sinus and post nasal drip problems returned. I didn't make the connection until I went back on the Levothyroxine and I realized I hadn't felt like this since the last time I was on it.

justmaz in reply to Moonshoes

Thank you for this Moonshoes. My original post was four years ago and I am still suffering from this. Could you please tell me how to get desiccated thyroid? I wake up during the night feeling like I am choking and every morning it takes about a litre of water before my throat is anything like clear. I would be grateful for any help......thank you again

Hi. I'm from the US, so I'm not sure what options are available to you in the UK. Here is an informative website about problems with Levothyroxine (Synthroid): The desiccated brand I used that worked was made by Erfa "Thyroid." It's made in Canada. Hope this helps.

justmaz in reply to Moonshoes

Thank you Moonshoes, the article made very interesting reading. Now to convince my doctor that this would be worth trying. It would be brilliant, if after all these years, a solution could be within my reach. Thank you again.

Lkd29 in reply to justmaz

Just reading this thread now. Your symptoms sound similar to the symptoms of Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (LPR), also known as Silent Reflux. I have both hypothyroidism and LPR. You might want to check with an ENT or a GI doc. Good Luck!

Been on thyroid med since about 14 years old. I am 54 now... I seemed to do good on thyroxine or synthroid over the years but now I wake up and have a coughing fit to clear all the mucous build up. Once cleared after about 20 minutes of not being able to breathe well which can be scary I do great the rest of the day. Also it seems like if I reduce the amount of thyroid med my restless leg syndrome meds work better. I think my restless leg syndrome is caused by me not having a thyroid but not 100% sure. Anyhow I guess my question is do u think my thyroid mess is causing mucous buildup overnight and coughing in the morning to clear out mucus buildup?

Hello. I'm new here. I started googling about post nasal drip in connection with thyroid hormone, and YES, I found Moonshoe who has something that is parallel to my case. My story is: severe chronic post nasal drip during 29 years now. 50 % help when using sertraline (for depression and anxiety). 50 % help when using venlafaxine (again depr + anx). Now, with latest period with venlafaxine, I have used Insomin 0,25 mg per night which helps relieve anxiety the next day. But along with Insomin, post nasal drip came back almost fully. Now I have started trying Erfa thyroid, for depression and fatigue, although there is no diagnosis of low thyroid according to most physicians that have seen me. With it, I get 80 % relief to post nasal drip, even when I take the half Insomin pill. Sertraline and venlafaxine are SNRI drugs, and it is obviously the anticholinergic effect which helps post nasal drip. Then about Erfa thyroid, I don't know what it could be that helps, maybe I'm in fact low on T3 in some way. I have discovered that post nasal drip immediately goes away when I sit at table to eat, and when I use chewing gum; this means that in my case post nasal drip is a result of bad functioning of sympathetic vs. parasympathetic nervous system wrt the nerves related to mucus production.

Yh I think Ive got it too..well..I know I do. I havent seen a doc but ive read up on it and ended up here so here so my question do we fix it?? Is there a cure??

I have found that "Throaties" relieve these symptoms and reduce the amount of mucus. "Throaties" can be purchased on ebay. Hope this helps. The active ingredient seems to be sodium benzoate.


I happened upon this site, I am having the same problems. I have constant mucus thick and cough I've had to see a cardiologist, pulmonologist, ENT, Gastroenterologist, rheumatologist, so many more I can't remember. My bills are outrageous, I'm going broke.

I have Hasimotos and Sjogrens. From the different websites, it seems the Hasimotos is the mucus culprit, as for me having Sjogrens autoimmune it attacks the moisture producing glands.

I'm wondering if the thyroid is producing all the mucus and the Sjogrens is sucking moisture causing the thickness. It's awful. I can't work, I can only get relief if I sleep. I've gained over 40 pounds and I'm miserable.

I'm not sure where to go or turn. Not many doctors are specialized in Sjogrens and my Endo relies on the numbers alone. I found a website The Sjogrens Foundation today and will check there.. as for the Thyroid, I dont know what to do.

I'm not going to harm myself, but I will say it's been so bad, I have thought of suicide, I have no life right now. I was just married last year and have been sick since.

My life is a mess, I'm going to stay hopeful and get other doctors. I can't stand this any more.

I had the Silent reflux test done too so I'll find out about that in a couple of weeks.

Ill try some of the things posted here and will share any revelations with you as I get them.

I am glad to know im not alone, but find it heart breaking that so many people are having these problems. It seems there is a big missing link with the doctors.

Thanks for you helpful posts.

I hope we all find a solution soon

Soleya in reply to Zavime

Hi, sorry for my English. All thyroid problems are related to autoimunne disorder that is linked to Eipstein- Barr virus. Basically Epstein-Barr virus create autoimmune disorders, the same as Salmonella bacteria in the blood stream creates autoimmune disorder as well. There is a rare condition that can lead to your heart but goes with change in your voice and blood vessel problems as well and it is associated with dental bacteria that travels to bloodstream as streptococcus. Thyroid problems do lead to suicidel thoughts, however focus in something you love. Get tested for Epstein Barr virus and ask for Gold test for streptococcus bacteria in your blood stream. Don't consume anything too sweet, get into pre-diabetic diet.

Hope this help.

Notmadeofwood in reply to Soleya

Could you explain a bit more about Epstein-Barr Syndrome and how that relates to an abundance of mucus buildup? Granted, I take 50 mg of Synthroid per day but I also have to take 10 mg of Oxybutynin and others too, but I am specifically interested in what you said about dental and voice change along with mucas build up. Do these symptoms you mention seem to appear all at the same time?

I also have the congestion & linked it to food intolerance which I avoided, but still had the symptoms until started taking vit. C as ascorbic acid with my Tirosint. I also have low Free T3 because I cut back on my carbs due to A1c being 5.8, but found I just needed to exercise instead. My endo has not helped with the low Free T3 because not out of normal range, but my lack of appetite, severe body pain, weight loss, severe fatigue, irritability, depression, and salicylate sensitivities were overwhelming me. Had to do lots of research online, got functional medicine doctor to test me, and did trial & error w/o fear. Think I have it now: 100 mg. Vit. C w/ thyroid meds., then 4 hrs. later more Vit. C, amino acid blend (small amount to avoid headache) with added small amount of L-histidine, k-2, krill oil, D3, & co q10 with lunch, exercise 5 days /week as soon as I am stronger, good B-complex divided throughout the day. God Bless you all. Praying this helps us all. Found the help by searching Vit.C and absorption of levothyroxine as well as searching for T-3 and vit.C. It also helps my gastritis symtoms: no cramping & better regularity. Get a functional medicine doctor to help you with testing of all vitamin and mineral levels, as well as amino acid levels.

I was diagnosed (finally) with severe hypothyroidism and I had become severely asthmatic and had a continuous think curtain of mucus. I started with generic synthroid and my numbers improved but my symptoms did not.

I asked my Dr to add in generic cytomel and it shut the faucet off immediately - along with most of my exhaustion...and most of my asthma altho that's been a little slower of an improvement. I've lost half my hair bc I was hypo for about 3 years w no treatment- dermatology doc said after I'm stable for 6 months it should start growing in again. Finders crossed. It took awhile for my brain to feel like it's working at all... But after 7 months it's around 80% of previous ability. My weight hasn't really changed- the oversight clinic said my metabolism basically stopped and hangs on to everything. I don't have any antibodies, mines acquired- my thyroid just stopped working and my doctor isn't thrilled about using cytomel but is coming around. I'm in the USA. Get every test you can on t4 to t3 conversion and t3 uptake and a t3 uptake scan. Doctors need numbers if they aren't listening to symptoms. Get kardia app to prove/ make sure you don't have a hidden afibrilation- that's why they are scared of cytomel, I believe. Protect yourself and help convince your doctor. Good luck

I know this is an old post but I have the same problem. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism early this yr. 2 or 3 months ago I began feeling off and on, I "Believe" to be muscus in my throat and unable to cough it up and clearing my throat especially in the mornings. Anyone else has this feeling? Im also taking levothyroxine .This is so irritating especially when you are talking and you are clearing your throat at the same time, but nothing is coming out. Im going back to see my Dr to find our whats going on.

Cndv in reply to ABLCKDIAMD

Have you had any resolution? I too have the mucous and cannot cough it up. So frustrating!!!@

Yes. At first I thought it was allergy which I never was allergic to most stuff. Went to see 2 ENT doctors for allergies and was no help. The post nasal drip was so severe and continuous, especially at night, that one has to swallow and clear the throat continuously that you don't get sleep. I got a sinus infection as a result. I came on this website to see if people have the same problem but from taking general levothyroxine 75mil. I stopped taking it for about a month and the symptoms subsided. Went to my endocrinologist and she put me on a different brand, Unithyroid, and the symptoms of post-nasal drip did not come back and I can now sleep and not having to constantly cough and clear my throat.

Daffers123 in reply to Maitlan

Hi are you in UK ? Have same problem so would like to ask for Unithroyd


This post is 8 years old. It may not be seen by the original poster. I’d suggest you start a new post with your question.


Sassybelle in reply to Maitlan

Hi Maitland! I read where you stopped Levothyroxine 75mg. Did you have any side effects? I missed a dose for 12 hours and had to take it immediately! My feet started hurting and that’s about it but it hurt bad enough to take it again. Thank you!

You have nasal drip, you have mucus in your sinus that drippingin your throat so is when it's dripping your you always going to have clear it. you need some Benadryl to dry it up for about two or three nights and Flonase for when it dry up they telling you they don't know what it is just so they can put you on medicine to make money...

try a mucus /phlegm cough syrup it helps and I find I spit out alot of the phlegm and swallow a bit better

I am having an endescopy in a couple of months

This may sound odd. I often got mucus, especially in the morning and after eating. I noticed that this greatly reduced or went away on thyroid hormone replacement.

Your body is reacting to something you are consuming. The mucus is formed to fight it off. It could be sugar, starch, etc. Monitor what you are eating or just start eating healthier. A lot of products we consume has tons of chemicals in them and the body is reacting to it ( defending itself).

Hello, I have had excess mucus problems, as you mention. My doctor increased my dosage of Levothyroxine so that I took an extra 25mg twice a week (i chose Monday and Friday.) So far so good. I believe my body temperature is slightly higher now and this stops me being cold. Thus not producing mucus normally associated with a Cold.

Wow, I didn't know this horrible mucus problem is so common. I have it to the extreme, at all times, but it's made worse when I lay down and eat, especially when drinking fluids. I even get it when I drink water. It collects all in the back of my nose and throat and makes me have a hoarse voice and lung congestion. It forces me to blow my nose 10 hours straight after eating, so I only eat one meal a day. Unfortunately, that meal is dinner, so the blowing keeps me up till 7 in the morning. So my sleep isn't that good. I can't work, I miss out on times with friends and family, and get up when the sun is going down. Allergies have been ruled out, and no nasal sprays help. In fact, they damaged my nasal membranes, so it hurts to blow my nose. Doctors don't know how to help, and one even said to donate my body to science. I am at my wit's end with it all. I have been tested for hypothyroidism several times, but the results come up normal. Yet, I have other symptoms of hypo, such as being cold most of the time, fatigue, and weight gain. However, the times I was tested for hypo was before I had the mucus or cold feeling. And both those symptoms started around the same time 7 years ago after a particularly bad cold. I have been on a huge and long 20 year medical journey with little to no help with the many symptoms I have. The mucus problem has become the most debilitating, though, so that's the one I am focusing on at the moment. I hope to get help, and any suggestions anyone has would be greatly appreciated.

Yppah in reply to leftypeep

Hi, I had tonsillitis and sinusitus and excess mucous pretty much all the time - though not to the extent you describe - before finding out I had Hashimoto’s. Cutting gluten, dairy and soy helped massively, even before taking levo. In Izabella Wentz books she suggests NAC can be useful for gut health and supporting the liver, and recently sent a mail saying it is useful in stopping mucous forming. Just thought worth a mention. Good luck.

I went for an endoscopy as it was getting ridiculous. I had irritation in my throat and had a round of iv antibiotics (couldn’t keep food or water down). Maybe ask for an out Patients’s appointment for an endoscopy if you’re gp has no clue. My go original gave me meds but I’m intolerant to the coating and don’t fair well on them.

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