Hypothyroid and still feel terrible 15 weeks after having a baby, is this normal?

Whilst pregnant my dose was increased from 50mg to 75mg and I generally felt fine throughout my pregnancy. Since having my baby my tsh has been all over the place, how long will it tale to stabilise? Also a lot of the symptoms I have are similar to MS symptoms which terrifies me, am I being paranoid? Is this yet another symptom of being hypo?

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  • About half-way down the page there is explanation of pregnancy which may help you understand. Get a copy of your thyroid gland blood test results and post here complete with ranges as labs differ and someone will comment. Your dose may need to be increased.


  • ...maybe your VitD and B12 levels are within range but just not high enough. Have you had them checked recently ? Also Iron, Ferritin and Folates. Please try and obtain your results and post....am sure someone will be able to help.

    Do hope you soon feel better and can enjoy your baby....

  • Thank you. I'm getting my bloods re taken today so ill post my results in a couple of days.

  • Hi I too was going to suggest the above. In your labour (if you laboured of course) did you use gas and air? I have read that vit b12 stores can be depleted by the use of nitrous oxide. It maybe that if your levels were low before ,as many hypoT people are...that the gas has further lowered the level making you symptomatic ? Worth consideration? Also check your iron levels including ferittin.

    Karen x

  • I had a c section so didn't have any gas and air but obviously had anaesthetic so I don't know if that could affect anything. I've had my bloods done now (included b12 & ferritin) so should get the results on Friday.

  • Hi...generally not so i would imagine its a deficiency or hormone issue.Post results when you have them. must be very hard going with a new baby too. sending you a hug

    k xx

  • Hi Congratulations. Yes it is very soon to be stable again. Make sure you have had all the right tests, TSH T4 and Free T3 and vit D, Ferritin . B12 and Folic acid, all very important after having baby.

    Best wishes,


  • Had my blood test results back and they all say normal. My vitamin d isn't available yet but my ferritin was 9ng/ml, b12 & folate was 383ng/l and 10.4 ug/l. These don't mean anything to me to be honest!

  • Hi Well according to my endo B12 test not marvellous so that is worth considering re symptoms. Ferritin /iron is very low, just in range probably ) depends on range), so you would benefit from some. Endo`s treat it low but GP will not unless 2 tests below range. The best according to my endo is spatone, liquid sachets, H and B or much cheaper Amazon.

    always ask for all you ranges as ost Labs the ranges vary not just thyroid. is the different assays.

    I would expect the D to be low, hormonal, can often make the difference. It is so infrequently done nHS ( stupid) that it takes ages to come back, several weeks, privately 1 to 7 days depending on Lab.If low you need a calcium test before treatment. It does make a huge difference to the thyroid.

    Ask the GP about the FT3 test as T3 could make a huge difference. You need your results and ranges for them all, TSH T4 and Free T3 as you may well need T4 ( levo) and T3 on scripts.Here the NHS will no longer do FT3 so I have to pay myself through TUK but some GP`s will do it ,if you pay yourself, about £10 usually.

    You must go all out to have the right treatment ,I was ill when my children were growing up, it is very hard.

    Best wishes,


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