Bristol meeting update

Bristol meeting update

Hi everyone - just a quick update to say thanks very much to everyone who came to the Bristol meeting today :) It was fantastic to finally meet nobodysdriving and shaws, who came all of the way from London ;) ;) We had the chance for a great catchup and plenty of tea and coffee was drunk by all (unfortunately too many biscuits and croissants were eaten by me though) :'( hope to see eveyone again soon. Clare xx

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  • ROFL put that biscuit down clarebear you've had enough!

  • Oh dear - too late :'( !!

  • I wish I could have been there :( Maybe next time :D

  • Yes or maybe we could come up your way :)

  • Thanks for hosting it Clare! It was so nice to have the opportunity to speak to people in the same situation - particularly as you are all such knowledgable bods!!

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