Famous People With Thyroid Disorders

Famous People With Thyroid Disorders

Famous People With Thyroid Disorders

This is a simple list of well-known people who suffer (or have suffered) from thyroid disorders. It is not meant to be anything more – you can go off and find much more information about the people elsewhere. The information has been collected from many internet sites. People are in alphabetic order of their names (not surname).

Role = a very simplistic “why is she/he famous”

Type = summary of disease type, sometimes does not make much sense, “??” indicates questionable

Please send a private message to helvella if you find anything wrong, or have suggestions of people to add – include a link if you have one. I found so many very short lists or stories about one person and I would like to make a much, much bigger list.

Thought: This list includes three presidents of the USA – more than 6% of all of them, and all male.


I suspect I have forgotten dozens of people who I know should be included, let alone the untold number I do not know about. :-)


Picture is last one of Abraham Lincoln while alive.

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  • Interesting list! A lot of politicians...

  • I declare a bit of a bias against some of the more air-headed end of Z-list slebs... :-)

  • Hahaha :D

  • wondered why Lincoln didn't grow a moustache with his beard, eyebrows look ok tho'?

    just kidding, hope to see the film soon! :D

  • Lots of them. Melissa Porter ( hypothyroidism) claims that it was her illness that helped her to get the job of her dreams!!! I am wondering who is treating her, it would be good to know that :)

  • & patron of BTF

  • suprising to see a few athletes with graves, I'm finding walking up the road leaves me breathless..

  • I was actually surprised at the proportion of people in the list with Graves.

  • I had the same thought

  • Wow! So many and as Carolyn said, a lot of politicians , particuarily. U.S presidents! Could explain a lot!

  • Mick Hucknall

  • He is in my list already. :-)

  • Sorry I thought I had checked first hey ho the joys of thyroid

  • How on earth does an athlete manage with hypothyroidism? How are they able to get energy up?. Unless of course with the many forms of hypothyroidism, some just do not sap your energy to that degree. The reverse of course, is, perhaps those who have energy & laboured breathing problems (probably caused by the meds) it's just either tough or there is a lot more going on especially in the adrenal area.

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