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I am fine, but am I unique?

I had a heart scan due to a persistent cough and the x-ray suggesting an enlarged heart.

they had difficulty getting a good image, but my heart "seems" fine, but they want me to see a cardiologist "just to be sure".

my b.p. pulse are normal and the gp listened to my heart and pronounced it "fine".

now the unique bit -

normal heart valve laps are in three sections, mine has only two :-O

I was born with it am 56 and never had any problems.

I'm fine but am I unique?


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Glad you're being checked out, is that what Arnie had? Bicuspid valve?

I have extra ribs - can I be in the 'unique' club too! J :D


both my parents have enlarged hearts and doing really well xxx


Unfortunately, statistically, it does not sound such a wonderful thing! Hopefully you are not in the "more likely" group:

About 1 to 2 percent of people are born with an aortic valve that has two flaps instead of three. Sometimes an aortic valve may have three flaps, but two flaps are fused together and act as one flap. This is called a bicuspid or bicommissural aortic valve. People who have this congenital condition are more likely to develop aortic heart valve disease.



gp says it was functioning properly. it was 2 perfect halves.

he thinks heart isn't enlarged it was the angle of the x-ray [!]



Makes me think of a silly phrasing:

Two halves make a whole. But a hole in the heart may not be such a good idea. :-) :-) :-)




I was diagnosed with an enlarged heart after a thalium scan, I also inherited angina from my mothers side of the family along with under active thyroid. I have not had an angina attack or any heart problems since starting on NDT nearly 6 years ago.


Is the cough a result of the valve issue? I ask because I've a cough that is 10 years old now! No explanation except allergic rhinitis after A LOT of investigations - it is getting worse. New endo tomorrow who I hope will help.

Do you know you BP and heart rate -do they know what 'normal' is for you? Have they checked it prior to this current investigation?

Doctors love to pop us in the 'normal' range as we know!!



I had a dry irritating cough every winter from about age 18 which would go in the spring. After years of antibiotics and x rays which found nothing and didn't work , a new dr diagnosed chronic cough asthma for which inhalers have worked to calm the irritation. Now current private dr thinks its related to thryoid. Incidentally, since changing from T4 to T3 only I haven't had the cough this winter for the very first time!!! Obviously we ae all different and this may not be the same in your case, but I was astonished at the difference.

Good luck. Mary


Hi Mary thanks for this. I think there is inflammation in tracea along with the rhinitis. Antibiotics did nothing, nor steriods! I have no asthma. I had monculast (spel?) for while no help. As you know doctors also say it's reflux related - I know it isn't, and won't take Porton pump inhibitors even if they worked!!

I have seen links with cough to hyper parathyroidism - the endo will look at this for me... on it goes!

I have chest pain' now little scarey as I thought it was a heart attack to start with as the respiratory doc told me the lungs don't cause pain! My nurse friend told me abot costochondritis!

I have no breathing problems (thank gawd!).

I've gone back to T4 only T4/T3 was not good for me.

It must have been lovely to be without your cough.

Did your private endo explain the link with thyroid??

thanks again


Recently read that they are finding enlarged left venticles with hypothyroid patients. Most of us will probably never know until we are dead. Oh wait, that won't work, will it:)


thing is, the 2% is only of those tested. there's many more who haven't been tested, maybe never will.



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