Patch of inflamed, flaky skin about the size of a 10p piece on cheek. Does this sound familiar?

It's tempting to blame the thyroid for everything, but I've tried every cream the GP could think of and it's still there.

Yesterday I got to see an endocrinologist, who also didn't have a clue what was causing it, and suggested a biopsy (having assured me it's not cancerous). I'm not keen to have a scar on my cheek.

Wonder if this rings bells with anyone?

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  • have you tried canaston? sounds like ring worm?? Have you got animals?

  • No.... to all of your questions, and, clueless as the medics generally are I think someone would have picked up on ringworm....but, thanks anyway.

  • Sue - would you be willing to post a pic? Might help?


  • Definitely...but not sure how to incorporate it - not very good with this techie stuff, but will have a go.



  • Louise, I tried to insert a photo but it didn't work. Please could you tell me how to do it?!




  • Hi Sue

    You would have to post a new BLOG, you then add a pic. :-) xx

  • Oh dear I STILL can't get it to work. I put a photo on my desktop then tried dragging it into the blog box - didn't work. So I tried copying and pasting, but that didn't work either.

    What am I doing wrong??

  • Hi Sue

    Sorry, you have an option further down the page to attach an image.


  • Underneath the big box, it says this:

    Image (Optional)

    Choose File (button)

    Pictures can be bmp, gif, jpeg or png files but must be smaller than 2MB

    Click theChoose File button, then browse to the pic on your desktop to upload it to your blog.

  • Thanks both - I'll get there in the end!

  • Thank you - I finally managed it!



  • Well done :)

  • Mine is on my left elbow! It seems to be a common symptom that you have a scaly patch somewhere! I used Boots Tea Tree ointment on mine to stop the itching. Its still there but not irritating me.

  • i had red faky itchy patches on my forehead,i now use liz earle cleanser and moisturiser and it has cleared up

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