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Dreaded council letters instead of brown envelope

Hi all got letters this week regarding bedroom tax and council tax won my appeal in january and was put in support group just starting receiving money and low and behold i now have to pay £113.64 per month because i have a spare room i have worked out what David Cameron is doing because everyone winning appeals and he,s losing money he thought of a good idea to get it all back from disabled people by charging bedroom tax. no one is safe apprently from this even severly disabled people .anybody else got this problem

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I am sorry you have got to find additional monies due to having an extra bedroom.

It must be a great worry - where on earth can people find monies when you are unable to work or on an extremely low income.


There was some talk in the newspapers that the government might look again at some disabled people's cases (although I wouldn't hold your breath unfortunately).

They said they would look at cases such as:

When a disabled person had to have another bedroom so that an overnight carer could stay when required.

When a husband & wife/ partners had to sleep in different rooms due to one or more of them being disabled and not possible to sleep in same room together due to the condition/ and or the equipment needed for that person.

This gives some information on where the legislation is at and the possible new exemptions:

It mentions that people can apply to get money from the Discretionary Housing Fund for up to 6 months. I would apply for that as soon as possible if you can as it's a pot of money which will run out. Speak to your local Citizen's Advice about it if you can. Organisations like that have really helped me before in the best way to fill out forms and also helped with appeals.

Many hugs,



Hello, I'm very confused. Is this the house you own and live in? If this is going to happen to everyone in such a position it is very worrying indeed. Jane x


Council only Jane, its to try and get older couples whos kids are long grown up out of the 3 bedroom semis they have which could house a family, or thats the theory behind it.....but hey, I'm a cynical as the next person, so its more likely to be for extra income :P


If you can prove you need the extra bedroom ie because you cant sleep because of your condition and keep your partner awake, you can ask for a discretionary award from the local council to make up the difference. need to go find the link...will be back :)


This doesn't affect me as we own our property. However, I find it so wrong on so many levels. The 'joke' with this in our town is there are over 4,000 houses who have an extra room, yet there are only 80 one bed roomed flats/houses available!

It's a pity EVERYONE doesn't turn around and volunteer to move - then what?

Cameron has shot himself in the foot with this one, particularly with the disabled. X


I have had a post on Facebook regarding the bedroom tax....they can only tax if it is over a certain is the link

if you have what is considered a box room please check the size and check this link.........


There is to be a legal challenge over this for disabled people - let's hope it gets somewhere......


Yes, I too am affected by Bedroom Tax and Council Tax. I applied for the DHP but was told that, even though I am registered disabled, I probably won't qualify as I will be deemed able to pay from my JSA. The Council woman told me that if I do not pay my rent they will evict me and my son. She said the Council understands that people like me will have no money left to buy food but that we should go to the Social Services and ask for Food Vouchers to exchange at a Food Bank.

I have been living in constant fear and really do not know what any of us in this situation can do, apart from take to the streets in protest as due democratic process has failed us so terribly. Yesterday a leaflet dropped through my door informing me that from October JSA and Child Tax Credit are to be abolished. Absolutely no idea what on earth is going on any more! :o(


hi all thanks for comments think thats what david cameron wants us all on the streets think we should all not pay it and go to court judge would probably throw it out we are allowed it seems to be able to live and SURVIVE on £ 71.70 per week i would luv to see david cameron live on that a week thing is with all these payments we have to make will put us below £71.70 per week how can he justify that.what a cheek the council woman has you have a child to feed food banks are run by volunteers government loves that we are going back to how it was years ago when people were on rations thats what he,ll do next. we didnt ask to be ill and given the chance we would all go back to work thats if there were any jobs out there and who is going to employ people that have been off sick for years through no fault of their own rant over sorry but am sick of it. going to measure my spare room x


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