Bedroom Tax......Do i have to pay?

For all those people blighted by this greedy tax by a government that wasn't even voted into power i have found from my local council that if you have been living in the same property since 1996 or before and on Benefits then the Tax does not apply to you no matter how many rooms you have.So for all those people effected by this and disabled people who need extra rooms i hope this has been some help so please fight it.

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Sorry to say that the government has now changed (or is in the process of closing) this loophole:

You might want to look more closely into the issue though.

Myself and a neighbour have been arguing the fact with the local council that her other room did not meet the permitted size to be called a room and a letter was sent to her from the council explaining she doesn't have to pay as the law stated above,she received this letter yesterday 17/3/2014 but thanks for posting that fiby 101 i will look further.

I'd keep very quite about it then as it looks like someone in the council is not up to date with the law.

Moggie x

This tax ONLY applies to those in property rented from the council or housing association. This is NEVER made clear when it comes up in the news. Jane x

Yes, it's crazy. They'll make you move out of a "social housing" property with 3 beds (for example) that costs 300 a month, but if you move into a private rented property costing 450 a month - that's fine. Barking!

But surely that makes sense,if 1 or 2 people are tying up a house that could be a home for family of up to 6 they could reasonably be expected to either pay the extra for the larger accomodation or move to smaller place and free up the family size house.

There are very few one bed houses. Do you really think that kids should be forced to change school and parents to move away from their friends and support network just because they lose their jobs and have to claim benefits? Surely job loss is stressful enough? And who is going to pay for the house move - every time a new child is born or a child gets too old to share a room or a member of the family dies? My tax money ends up paying and I'd rather it was not used for that. If a housing association or LA or any other landlord wants to end a tenancy and move the tenants to another property - fine, they should be allowed to (but aren't). But central government shouldn't be involved.

But surely if somebody is unemployed,really disabled etc, they get financial help to move.

Yes, out of my tax money (if they get it at all)! So how is it saving the country money? It's stupid and inhumane.

no they don't get help to move- wake up cupi you must be rich and out of touch

Nah definitely not rich! As I said before the I think those in genuine need and really disabled need and should get the help they need,trouble is there are so many that are not in that category but still take all they can.its that which is wrong and it's impossible now to really know who truly qualifies.shame. It's gone that way.

and suppose they cannot find a home elsewhere , that home is their home, are you lucky enough to be in your own home? if so yu are very lucky and don't know how traumatic this is for others. greedy ministers wrack up billions of tax payers money NOT THEIR OWN MONEY for those second homes. where do you think sick people without money can find the extra rent wen they are struggling to live- there would be enoughmoney to go round if itwasnt wasted.

The whole thing's a dog's breakfast. Councils got it wrong by penalising people who had been living in accommodation pre 1996 so the govt are changing the law.

However, DWP allows for extra rooms which have never been designated as bedrooms ie studies, playrooms, utility rooms etc.

There are not enough 1 bedroom flats and houses to cope, not that this government care they are determined to turn the clock back to Victorian times!!

I am sick of hearing do gooders saying my tax pays for this my tax pays for that. The ones using up our taxes are the greedy ministers not the sick and disabled,i have paid tax and national insurance and its called insurance for a reason...the clue is in the pay for times of need ie for when you are ill so if you are ill you make a claim. Lets stop penalizing the sick and demonizing them calling them scroungers etc its the ministers that are the scroungers so do gooders please stop looking for your knight hood or whatever it is you want because it aint coming my little fish. Do you pay car insurance and not claim in a time of need like an accident for fear of being labelled a scrounger?....No,you have paid your premiums just like your tax and national insurance,CLAIM IT ITS YOURS!

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