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When pregnant is it q safe to take adrenal/thyroid glandulars such as the ones recc by Peatfeild?

I am just about 5months pregnant and as my thyroid blood tsh /T4level hasnt been 'too bad' according to docs they wont prescribe thyroid med i know i thought at least start w glandulars(if they r reasonably safe to take when preg;or if anyone has experience of using them safely during preg).

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I cannot answer your question but this is a link re pregnancy and although the first half is re infertility, the second part may give you some information.


Hi Congratulations! yes I would also speak to who ever is doing your pregnancy care, in these circumstances, right from the start ,believe you cannot be too careful.

Best wishes,



You could phone nutri or dr P office. I take cortef and would not stop if I was pregnant x


Hi Gemmac. I was thinking about starting Cortef. What's your expierience with this product? Does it help?

Thank you



Thanks.Congratulations arent really in order though.This pregnancy has been a huge worry frm the start because of my poor health(due to many years of untreated Hypotjyroidism/Hashis)i hada awful time in first trimester w palpitations and awful fatigue /aching tummy.I even had the dreadedconsideration of whether abortion would be wiser as felt i may be put my life in danger(as well as baby) by carry on preg ,but couldnt bring myself to fo it.(At that time i thought glandulars were not ok to take when preg and didnt hav money to self-med).My symptoms did gradually improve at the end of first trimAnyway thingss took an evenreater 'turn for the worst' when at about 13wks i had a scan and had the most horrible shock when they found my baby had q severe hydrops(a usually fatal cond.)So agreed hav amnio test which revealed she has Turners Syndrome(a chromosome abnormality).So now,after some reasearch,other tests etc i am just taking it one scan at a time(ev 2wks)but baby, so far,is get worse.Again i cantend her life;i will let nature decide.She needs a miracle.Now i hav a bit money for meds which i hope wpuld help me through this,whatever happens(most likely misscarraige);at least,even if may make little difference to baby cond.But unsure whether glandulars r strong enough(or whether i should opt for self-med w NDT really.)I know it bit 'late' but better than never.


Cloud, I have only just read this, I AM SO SO SO SORRY that your darling little baby has turners syndrome. This is such a huge worry and heartache for you, my thoughts are with you at such a difficult time.


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