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Dupuytren's contracture? anyone else got this or is it just me?


OK it's probably unrelated to Thyroid problems, apologies, but thought I'd ask anyway.

AKA palmar fibromatosis - lumps on my right palm under my middle & 4th finger - it appeared about 10 years ago when I started getting all over coldness and white fingers - GP just printed something out & said maybe op when it gets worse (printed off the big bad web they say is dangerous!) she also sent me for nerve conduction tests as bilateral carpal/cubital tunnel symptoms - which have eased with Vitamin D supplementation btw.

Jane :D

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Hi I have had this for years but cannot have surgery , so not an option. Personally in your case I would manage with it if I can but if not make sure you go for a really good hand surgeon, it is very specialised.it would do no harm to discuss with the surgeon and say, not at the moment!

Best wishes,


I have this as well. They say it means you have Viking DNA. My father had it too. They also say they are not painful, but mine are sore to touch...maybe because I keep stretching them, as dad's fingers were pulled down and he had to have an operation. Had them around 15 years. It wouldn't surprise me if it was a DNA fault, or connected to an autoimmune condition.

Louis de Bernieres has it ( Captain Corelli's Mandolin and Birds Without Wings ) - but looking at a photo of him in the press a few years back I would say he looks Hypothyroid too.....

He was due here in Crete for our Arts Festival a couple of years back - but had to cancel as he couldn't play his instrument....hence the snippet of information !.......

I think Diana Holmes mentions this in her book. I would not say I have it but my fingers contract in that shape if I hold anything for long eg writing, chopping veg etc but improving as I increase my dose.

My husband has had it. It tends to run in people with an Eastern European background. None of his aunts or uncles had it that we know of but also iodine deficiency has been mentioned as a cause. We didn't know what the condition was and assumed a ligament overuse so let it go for a few years. By that time, the pulleys which help move the fingers were destroyed and so the surgery he had was not successful. He had a second surgery thinking that there was more Dupuytren's and his middle finger is pretty unresponsive now. In fact, he has to be careful where he points it. We met another person with the problem and he keeps massaging it and working on it and kept it at bay. I don't know if he used medications but I think iodine would not hurt to rub on it.

If your pulleys are shot, surgery will probably not help at all.

I have this, and it means my little finger will not straighten. I had an op on it about 20 years ago, but it came back straight away. The GP just shrugs when I mention it. I dont think I am decended from a viking, but I can (and do) scream and rampage sometimes! I think Magaret Thatcher had it quite badly. I do not think I am related to her either! I read somewhere that they can inject something that "eats" the growths around the cartilage.

I am allergic to iodine, so will just have to live with it, my stupid thyroid, my numb feet, my loss of hair, my joints that refuse to bend, and the all pervasive tiredness.


Thank you for your reassuring replies, at least I'm in good company (David Mcallum too!).

I can't find any evidence it is related to Thyroid probs (hmm iodine?) although carpal tunnel and policeman's heel are. And, as far as I'm aware, I'm not of Viking or East European descent either but am half Welsh and was Vitamin D 'inadequate' but luckily it has not worsened, so far. J :D

I don't know if what I had was Dupuytrens, but when I was taking only thyroxine I started getting very stiff muscles, and the middle finger of my left hand began curling under when I slept or rested and I had difficulty getting it straight again. I don't remember if there were any lumps at the base of it, but I didn't look for them so there may have been. It was very sore and I tried to massage it better to straighten it. When I began T3 then NDT the finger straightened and I haven't had any problems with it since. I think it could have a lot to do with a thyroid problem:


Have you tried massaging magnesium oil into both your finger and wrists and elbows? It might help, it's amazing stuff!

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Thanks Framboise - the lumps have been there for at least 10 years now, hubby also had an op for his 'trigger' finger which wouldn't straighten - mine don't curl yet but I can feel the pull when pushing a door shut or lifting my weight in the bath.

I have some proper Epson salts and magnesium spray too, I must confess my wrist and elbows are fine since supplementing Vit D3, if I forget 'tho my elbowometer soon reminds me to take some!

The fact that I'm in the control group (on no medication) and Vit D3 is the only variable I can only conclude that it helps my joint pain. J :D

It is definitely related to hypothroidism, 21% in this research cannot be a coincidence

For details See: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/1...

My mother had both and lymphoma of the thyroid, thyroid with precancerous lumps or hypo in other female family members and one other with duptchens but no hypo diagnosed...as yet

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Thank you so much for finding that, I'm sorry I didn't see your reply before.

"Thyroid dysfunction may cause musculoskeletal symptoms" - maybe worth posting separately.

It also mentions frozen shoulders - before my op for a dodgy nodule I had both, with hyper 'anxiety' symptoms (first shoulder lasted 18 months+, the 2nd disappeared right after the op).

It's good to have our suspicions confirmed & know why, even if we are not treated yet.

With very best wishes to you and your family, Jane :D

TSH110 in reply to Hidden

Thanks Jane. I also had a frozen shoulder as did my sister who had the thyroidectomy. I developed arthritis (osteo) and spondylitis at just 23 and had Achilles tendinitis (so bad I had to have an op) in my30's I have read that these are early indicators of a predisposition towards thyroid disorders in later life.


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