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"It's cold! or is it just me?"


how many of us are saying this I wonder?

Can't feel my nose, fingers and toes, despite wearing my thermal vest and the heating turned up already - another big gas bill to come.. sigh. Reason to go to work part 1. (I'd rather curl up and hibernate in the nice warm bed).

Grumpy goundhog J :D

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It is cold! I scowled and got out my vibrant thermal vest collection today, no beige or white, only shocking pink, purple or green, but even so.....however my thermal base layers for arctic conditions are still in situ I notice that my cats have fluffed up their winter coats and I have also gaffer taped the thermostat at 20 to stop HIM turning it down to 12! MaryF x

I'm about to buy a heated gilet..

Hi The thing that makes me the coldest is my Diabetes, when BM a bit out. It was terrible before I started any treatment.

I expect you have already had your Hb1Ac checked? I believe there is a better test, if undiagnosed but more expensive, of course! If not recently tested it may be worth it. I did not have any of the usual symptoms originally, even though, when I diagnosed it, told I needed to go straight into hospital, docs can dream but to me only last resort!


Had some lemon wool left from ages ago, knitted a huge scarf but who wears lemon! Lovely and warm around my neck and shoulders though when my body temp plunges even with heating turned up and thermal jammies on, perhaps I will knit a balaclava to go with the look, that should do the trick!

Oh yeah the coal/wood burner has been on, on a daily basis for a few weeks now. I feel justified it was 0 degrees yesterday morning :P

My little toe started itching with the first chilblain of the season yesterday!! I'm hypo and my feet are frequently cold. Have been wearing two pairs of socks for weeks but this one has sneaked up on me. Does anyone else get chilblains?? Wondering if chilblains are a common complaint for hypo sufferers. The only thing that really works for me is wearing proper wool socks.

Yes I'm hypo and developed really bad Raynauds last year. My gas usage rocketed trying to keep warm. I've increased my thyroxine by half a 25mcgm tablet to 87mcgm and asked for T3 and T4 test. I also asked for reverse T3 and T4 but my GP said he wouldn't know what to do with the results if he got them. Bless, at least he is honest! He didn't think increasing the thyroxine will help the Raynauds but says autoimmune diseases "hunt in packs" so once you have one you can go on to get others. I'm already off gluten altogether, so if I can summon the energy I guess I should research autoimmune diets. Anyone had any luck with these protocols?

foxglove in reply to EmJB

Have you tried the supplement FRUITFLOW? I find it really helps with Raynaud's. Available from Swansons and a less strong version from Healthspan but containing some B vits. and potassium. Hope you find something that suits! Good luck

EmJB in reply to foxglove

Thank you Foxglove, I haven't heard of those supplements so I''ll look into them right away.

Hi I am really happy. I was hyper for 3 plus years and now in remission from Graves. I can finally feel chilled instead of boiling all the time. I may even buy a cardigan or jumper this year instead of wearing t shirt and shorts in the winter!!! Hurrah.

Duchy82 in reply to greenginger

You really made me giggle in our hypo cold misery i suppose we forget the other side of the argument. mind you i wonder how long you will be happy about feeling cold if you can stay normal then great if you turn hypo it is the misery of feeling cold even though it is 22 degrees in the house and you have 2 blankets over you which was me yesterday after visiting a friend who hadn't had the heating on yet i was there for only 2 hours. It took me 5hours before i warmed up again!

greenginger in reply to Duchy82

Oh bless you . My mum and sister are hypos so I wont hold my breath! After melting over the last few summers and being wet through I can only say that it is miserable whichever. Do hope you warm up. Have you see those microwave hotties? You can get them for bodies, water bottle shaped, hands and gloves and even slippers. Sound great to me.

Duchy82 in reply to greenginger

Wow i will definitely be on the look out for those. Im ok today but still wearing a warm jumper and slippers and have the coal burner going i still have cold hands and feet though. It is frustrating really and im glad for the coal burner otherwise the gas bill would be sky high but it is so frustrating as before i went hypo i never used to be cold unless it was actually freezing outside.i can imagine that constantly feeling hot is also frustrating. My husband is never cold and i feel sorry for him hes currently sat in a vest top which will probably come off soon as hes boiling, while i swap the clothes for my fluffy pj bottoms and thick dressing gown which are even warmer.

greenginger in reply to Duchy82



Still cold - (to the point of my cold nose making eyes water! maybe a baraclava would help!) but warmer inside knowing others don't dismiss this, but sorry you experience it too, thanx for the replies J xx

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