Shortage of Eltroxin 25mcgs - getting desperate !!

Once again I cannot find a pharmacy to supply my Eltroxin 25mcg - (now no problem with the 100s!!) has anyone any news on the shortage or know somewhere in Surrey that has them? I wrote a letter to my doctor stating I was unhappy with scoring 100s as they are not meant to be chopped up!! - no reply, just a 'get on with it' attitude.........Have been doing this now for a month and starting to feel not so good!!

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  • No info on shortage as far as I know. Have you tried these pharmacies:



  • Thank you for the link - I sometimes just don't care to have to sort it all out myself - this is one of those times!! It should be so simple really! Cup of coffee and I am on it xx

  • Why not call Mercurypharma directly and ask them - they're the best people to know about any shortages :)

    Details here

  • Thank you x

  • You are, I hope, aware that Mercury Pharma have said that the Eltroxin tablets are identical to Mercury Pharma Levothyroxine and Forley Levothyroxine? More info. here:

    I was not aware of any supply problems since they became more readily available again in October 2012.

    Maybe contact Mercury Pharma? It would not be the first time that pharmacies have been getting the wrong end of a stick.

    No 1 Croydon

    12-16 Addiscombe Road

    Croydon, Surrey

    CR0 0XT

    United Kingdom

    +44 (0)20 8588 9441


  • Thank you for the info. I did ring them last time the problem arose and my surgery actually let me have 12 months of 100s!! as that was the minimum I could order - just gathering some energy to ring again re the 25s. I just get so sick of trying to sort it all out myself!!

  • Do let me know how you get on and I can put something on the relevant page of our website as well as the news section.

  • I had a problem with the 100's a month or two ago. These shortages are not because there is a problem with the drugs its because the companies dont want to sell the drugs here because the pound is so low and they can get more for the medication abroad - simple economics. The more the pound goes down the more this will happen.

    Frankly its time the government stopped this from happening and started protecting drugs for NHS patients.

    There was a parliament committee set up a year or so ago to look into these issues, I dont know what came out of the enquiry but I do know that every time there is a shortage of drugs the pharmaceutical companies set up emergency supplies which they charge £50 to pharmacists to have the drugs sent to them which is extortion. They just know they can create these shortages and get away with it. There has been a so called shortage of Eltroxin under the excuse of the Teva withdrawal for a year and yet the market has long since adjusted to that....go figure!

  • Interesting !! hadn't thought about that but it makes sense. Whilst I was in the pharmacy this morning I overhead 3 telephone conversations in respect of other drugs and it was the same story - 'sorry, but we can't get blah blah blah because there is a manufacturer shortage' - crazy eh!! what are we all supposed to do in the meantime...........

  • I had no idea about this. That's outrageous!! We are just pawns in the fat cats game of chess!!!!

    Does anyone care about our health!!


  • What are we supposed to do about it in the meantime? Go and talk to your MP!!

  • It is more than outrageous - I am so angry and am now determined to follow up on it!! x

  • We have today contacted our local M.P. about this matter which is a national disgrace. I spent some considerable time speaking to 4 foreign personnel at Mercury Pharma (a convenient name change), in particular in the medical information department and the information I received was vague, misleading and farcical in the extreme. I asked for the name of the Chief Executive and was told it was a John Beighton. I then asked the name of the manufacturers and was told it was ;Custom'.

    As a retired lawyer, I do not accept the gravely misleading information being farmed out by these pharmaceutical companies and if I cannot get the medication I have been on for more than 40 years

    I will seek a public inquiry in Parliament and there should be a call for judicial review. I will seek to find out about the Parliamentary Committee and its findings. I have paid into the NHS for many years and I am still a taxpayer and I also believer these organisations are breaching the Human Rights Act. Also, they can be challenged under the Freedom of Information Act to fully disclose what is happening with this medication and not hide behind marketing issues and manufacturing problems. I urge every affected by this to contact their M.P.'s

  • You might achieve more impact by creating a brand new post - rather than responding into the middle of an eight-month old thread.

    That Mercury Pharma have handled this poorly is not to be denied. And this comes on top of the still unexplained issues with their Liothyronine.


  • Hi Phoebelovessheep,

    If you go to the home page of the BRITISH THYROID FOUNDATION and look at the inch columns on the left they have a telephone number for emergency supplies of Eltroxin which your pharmacist can call. Worth a try?.....


  • Thank you for the information - will have a look today. I went to the big Boots near me yesterday and the pharmacist confirmed that the problem WAS the fact that the manufacturers won't sell in this country as they make more abroad!!! I am so angry at this and apparently there are many more drugs unavailable because of the same reason - TIME TO WRITE TO MY MP methinks !!! outrageous! xx

  • Thanks - that is actually the manufacturers number and have already tried that avenue so have 3 pharmacists - they really do not have any !!!!! x

  • Sorry....... Than I am a bit stumped! If I think of anything else....


  • What did MercuryPharma actually say when you called them? Did they have an answer... have they stopped production for some reason?

  • One of the standard places to look about shortages is here:

    They have no mention of any levothyroxine issues since the well-known return of Eltroxin products in October last year.

    Also, if it is a matter of selling medicines abroad, I suggest that you look at this link:

    That document includes this statement:

    If a wholesaler chose to trade medicines for export that were in short supply in the UK and as a consequence the needs of patients in the UK were not met, the holder of a wholesale dealer’s licence could be in breach of the Regulations, and could face regulatory action against his licence, and/or criminal prosecution. The requirements apply to all holders of a wholesale dealer’s licence including pharmacists and pharmacy owners who hold a wholesale dealer’s licence.

    So, a pharmacist in Boots saying that the medicine is being sold abroad could actually be an allegation of criminal activity. Definitely not at the pay grade of a staff or locum pharmacist in any branch of Boots.

    If you believe that to be the case, I suggest you put in complaints to some or all of:






  • I just spoke to someone at Mercury Pharma who said they are not making the old Goldshield Eltroxin .25 or .50 tabs at the moment but their generic Levothyroxine tablets are exactly the same formula, and the same as Forley generics as well! All three brands have been amalgamated.

    So the doc needs to put Levothyroxine by Mercury Pharma on the prescription.

    Why is it all such a struggle?!


  • I can assure you that levothyroxine and eltroxin are NOT the same animal........generic thyroxine varies widely in its strength. I am very sensitive to levels and the only way I can maintain my levels correctly is with eltroxin

  • Hi all,

    tried to get my prescription filled for Eltroxin last week at local ASDA and managed to get some in the 50's but when I went back for the balance they said that all strengths were unavailable!!!! I'm sick to death of worrying about getting prescriptions filled with the replacement which I need to function properly....not having to play Russian roulette with generic stuff which I know is no good!!!

    Anyone got any info on when its coming back into production???

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