Can anyone tell me which hormone blood test is best for Graves disease?

Hi again everyone,

I'm still suffering with symptoms after being declared euthyroid since having had 2 previous attacks of Thyroiditis/Graves disease. I was wondering if anyone knew which hormone is most affected by Graves. I'm being monitored 3 monthly which is absolutely pointless because as usual they wont do my T3/4 so I need to get them done privately!

I'm unable to research as my brain isnt capable of absorbing too much info because its near its end due to this disease, so I would be very grateful if anyone could let me know what the best blood test would be for this Graves disease - Im vit D deficient, hair falling out, severe sweating menopausal symptoms, dry skin, palpitations, depressed etc...

Many thanks,


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  • Hi - I have Grave's and what they usually test me for are thyroid hormones - not sure if you mean some other sort of hormones?

    Anyway, I get tested for

    Free T4,

    Free T3,


    TPO (Thyroperoxidase Antibody), and

    TRab (Thyroid stimulating hormone receptor antibody)

    (the antibodies that is indicative of Graves')

  • Even better test TSI, but be prpared nhs wont test if they think you dont need one. This test confirms Graves D. x

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