Another example of brain foggery

My husband spent the day in Sheffield yesterday and rang me as he was setting off on the 200 mile journey home to say that he'd ring again if he got too tired to drive and decided to stay in a hotel overnight. About 9pm I was flagging and decided to go to bed so I took the cordless phone with me in case he rang. He arrived home safe and sound about 11pm, which was just as well as lying on my bedside table instead of the cordless phone was the remote control for the kitchen TV!

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  • Hahaha! Oh, I can relate, hehe!


  • Great,glad I'm not the only one.

  • Ditto :-)

  • I even try to dial on the remote at times......Oh ! this aging process...or is it ?...

  • No it's thyroid related !

  • Well one day i actually found my glasses in the microwave!!

    God only knows what made me put them in there, very worrying tho ha!!

  • I'm so glad it's not just me who does these daft things. The most annoying (and expensive) one I've done recently was driving up to Coventry for a meeting a whole day early - my desk diary said Wednesday, my mobile diary said Wednesday but my brain said Tuesday and forgot to remind me to check the diaries!

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