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Thyroxine/blood sugars

Please can anyone help. I am pre-diabetic and control my blood sugars through diet. Have been managing this quite well for two years. However, since my thyroxine was reduced in August last year my HBA1C levels are not looking too good now. Does anyone have any info that I can arm myself with before going back to the endo next week? (thyroxine was reduced because it was too high and tsh too low! I have also put on a stone since August )

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Hi QueenBee, my special needs son is Type 2 diabetic and since being on Vit D3 and getting his level to 150 recently his HBA1C has gone down 2 levels. I have also been told that if his T3 were higher (3.5, so on the floor), his diabetes levels would be better. Also have you had your Vit B12, ferretin,folate and iron levels checked to see that they are optimal. If you take Vit D3 you will need to see that your calcium levels are in range which is very small. This is most important. Hope you manage to stay on top of your diabetes.


Hi Well diabetes, autoimmune and treated by an endo,if needed. I have severe type 2 diabetes. I lost a lot of weight. I am on armour and 20mcg T3. TSH unmeasurable. I need my Free T3 to be near the top of range.T4, like most people top two thirds. T3 is normally weight. regarding borderline diabetic, I was for many years and had annual bloods done. Suddenly mine went horrendous. BM was 48. I had told my GP but she disagreed and would not repeat test. I had lots of symptoms then and in the end self diagnosed, major problems by then. So, keep watch yourself for more vague symptoms, my main one for ages was hot attacks and no one realised what it was. You can be oveweight or underweight with it. I always had the correct diabetic diet. Look it up on the WEB, not at all what you would expect, ie not much fruit.

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