I am looking for some advice, again. I have had a rash/welts round the base of my neck for some months. Can be very itchy at times. I reduced my dose of thyroxine and rash seemed to lessen, but is now back most of the time. I also feel nauseaus an hour or so after taking my thyroxine?

I know the thyroxine medication changed suppliers some time ago and I feel I may be oversensitive to some of the meds from Mercury. The 25 mcg is supplied by Wockhardt.

Do I need to take my 175mcg from the same supplier and if so which supplier.

Thank you

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  • It is preferable, I think, to ask for the same levothyroxine from the same supplier and ask your pharmacist of your options which he can get for you.

    You can trial one manufacturer's levothyroxine for a while to see how you get on. Do you take your dose of levo with one full glass of water on an empty stomach and wait about an hour before eating. You can take dose either first thing or at bedtime (if bedtime you have to leave a gap of between 2 to 3 hours if you've had a meal before taking levo..

  • Thank you. I have an appointment to see pharmacist on Monday. I always take my thyroxine in the morning and wait an hour before eating or having a hot drink. I take it with water but probably less than half glass of water. Will change that though.

  • Omadoll,

    If you think Mercury Pharma may be the problem explain this to your pharmacist and ask for 150mcg Actavis alongside Wockhardt 25mcg.

    In the meantime take an antihistamine tablet an hour before you take Levothyroxine and see whether the rash improves.

  • You may need to shop around before presenting a prescription to a pharmacist. Make phone calls to your local pharmacies and ask which brands and dose sizes they have in stock.

    Be aware that if they only have 25mcg doses available they won't be happy about dispensing 7 a day for you, since you take 175mcg Levo per day, so don't waste your time with that particular pharmacy.

    You need to find a pharmacy that has something other than what you've been taking in stock, so you can see what difference it makes (if any).

    Go to this site :

    and do a search for Levothyroxine. It will show you what manufacturers and dose sizes are currently available in the UK.

    Try not to mix brands because then you won't know what is causing your problem.

    If you find a brand which you tolerate without the rashes and itchiness then ask your doctor to specifically prescribe that brand on your prescription.

    Keep good records of what you have been taking while you are experimenting.

  • Thank you

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