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GP Phobia

Saw a doctor to get medication prescriptions re-done and didn't see my normal doctor. Decided to go to another one that doesn't know me, get blood tests ordered ready for my normal appointment and then be able to tell usual GP that I have been to see Dr P and have changed my medication.

I have a phobia of doctors and have white coat syndrome. This time I managed to break the blood pressure machine. He tried to make it work 3 times and it wouldnt work....he gave up.

What I was able to ask was for specific blood tests and included T3 and also Vitamin B12. He seemed happy to order those for me and started to wonder if I should have asked for more.

I mentioned my weight issues and he said that until my thyroid is "optimised", a word I havent heard mentioned at my normal appointments, then I wont be able to lose weight. Very encouraging. Might have to start seeing him instead. He said some people get diagnosed, go on thyroid medication and thats all okay but that some people have more problems and it needs to be optimised.

A bit worried about the blood pressure machine though. Do you think it was so high that it couldnt cope with the readings? Oh I hate my doctor phobia.

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Sounds like a good doctor there xx

but you havent got pressure that high you broke the machine, these machines are temperamental at best of times, and I bet the cleaner dropped it and never told a soul!! This happened at my doctors surgery!! lol

I too have white coat syndrome, to the point where I am in uncontrollable tears, and shaking!!

Hope you get the results you need from the blood tests

Ann xxx


I thought it was just me who got upset when going to doctor it's awful I am never normal depressed but when I go to doctor I'm a wreck . Blood pressure high on 200 levo a day


This Dr sounds like a keeper. I hate seeing Drs now, it takes everything in my body to make me deal with it and I stress out big time before hand. If you are worried about your blood pressure either buy yourself a machine or see if the surgery can lend you one or get a nurse to come out to you and take your blood pressure in your home relaxed.


Doctors have totally destoyed my confidence in them, or their abilities. Cant go near a hospital any more, get sick at the thought of going to see a doctor, half the time I dont make it. I start therapy in 2 weeks though, might make a difference might not. Wasn't easy to get reffered for it though, as you still have to ask a doctor!

Iatrophobia is actually quite common, I'm surprised there arnt more of us with it all things considered!


If I were you, I would buy my own blood pressure machine (from about £13 to £80). Then you can check that as and when you wish without any white coats around - unless, of course, you choose to wear one! :-)

The machines can measure pressures so high they would not have let you out of the door if it was above the possible range of the machine. It will be something silly like failing to align the cuff properly or low batteries or....



I've just been sent for ECG because bp was high . So Scared of all this white coat stuff


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