Excessive burping - does anyone else suffer with this and do you think it's hypo-related? Is there anything I can do?!

Hi everyone

I've always been a burpy person shall we say, but for the last couple of years it's been horrendous. I can't even take a sip of water or drink a cup of tea without burping excessively and I'm not just talking normal burps but proper, loud, uncontrollable belches that would wake a sleeping baby!

I've always had gastrointestinal problems and had my appendix out 15 years ago but things at the moment are pretty good on the whole in that area compared to before, apart from this. Does anyone know why this might be and if there's anything I can do?!

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  • This is quite common in people with hypothyroidism and may be down to 'low stomach acid', or 'hypochlorhydria'. If you use your favourite search engine to put those words in, you can find lots of info, but here's a link to get you started


  • Oh and if you do have low stomach acid, then taking digestive enzymes with betaine hcl before every meal can help. There are lots of brands of these supplements, but below are links to some on Amazon as examples.

    Combined enzymes and betaine hcl


    For betaine hcl only


  • Red apple, I can totally agree, it is a smptom of low stomach acid, it was for me. PH test confirmed this. x

  • Can you get this pH test from a UK GP doctor? I've been reporting this issue to her for a while and she hasn't suggested that... Debilitating! She HAS said she can refer me to a gastroenterologist tho. We were trying antibiotics in case I had something from a trip to Indonesia but it was well over a year ago (that I had that food poisoning) and I don't have other symptoms.

  • Thanks RedApple! I used to take digestive enzymes a few years ago and found them hugely helpful - I was able to eat foods I hadn't been able to eat for years. After about 18 months on them however, they stopped working and I've not taken them since. Maybe I should start them again - it would be amazing to be able to eat bananas again (the last time I ate one I could hardly breathe I was in so much pain). I'll check out the sites you suggest.

  • Enzymes alone may not have been enough once your stomach acid got really low (possibly as a direct result of untreated or inappropriately treated hypothyroidism). It's the betaine hcl that helps with this. Some people need to take a lot of betaine :)

    Also, a teaspoon of apple cyder vinegar diluted in a little water to drink just before eating can help.

  • Apart from enzymes is there anything else to help get the acid back to normal . I've been given lansoprazole, I don't want to take it but if I don't it gets worse I have to sit up in bed can't lie down or burning and feel sick, so last resort have to down gaviscon.

  • I love apple cider vinegar, but unless I have it with dressing (i.e. IN the food) it now seems to give me sore tummy! (even if I'm having it just before or with food in a little water).

  • Thank you so much for posting this. YES! Have had this. Makes me nauseous and exhausted too. Just endless. I also had appendix removed about 20 years ago. I read something interesting a few years ago that they now think appendix may be related to creating our probiotics. Which is interesting as I got the appendix pain after having a Coke every day or so for about a year! These days I make my own yoghurt and don't have any candidis issues, but not surprising that low stomach acid could also be due to no appendix. I always thought it silly that people could think God-mother nature would give us an organ without a purpose!...

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