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What can I do to improve hair structure?

I started thyroxine and a gluten free diet 3 years ago, and since have had wiry hair. I used to have silky hair before. Is there anything I can take (that's not meat) to improve hair quality?

Most hair supplements seem to have iodine, and I've heard mixing thyroxine and iodine aren't a good match.

Also, any ideas whether if it's the medication or the diet that's causing this?

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Hi riya, me again. It's not a question of mixing thyroxine and iodine. It's a question of not taking iodine unless you need it. Certainly, if you took the two together, you would rapidly become over-dosed on iodine, but even on iodine alone you will quite rapidly become saturated unless you are iodine deficient.

I think it's terrible adding iodine to so many things like they do. But have you tried biotine? On its own, not in a multi-vitamin. Evening primrose and borage is also good for hair and nails. However, if you are vegetarian, you might be missing out on certain amino acids, that might have an effect. Or, you might just simply need the addition of T3 to your thyroxine.

Hope this helps, Grey


loads of posts about low ferritin and hair loss - don't know if that counts but you will probably be B12 deficient if you don't eat meat - can you eat fish & eggs? (not together!)

My hair has gone very fine & was a bit dubious about dying it - but the grey just got too much! J :D


My instinct would be to post your bloods along with Levo dosage in a new question. This means your TSH and FT4 and FT3 with ranges. It may be you're under medicated and your hair is an ongoing symptom of hypothyroid that's under treated. Hair falling out can be several things including problems with oestrogen. But do your nails crack or flake? Is your skin dry as well? If so, it's likely thyroid. I hope this has helped a bit.


Argan oil is a very temporary fix for your hair as you have to put it on to your hair every time that you wash it. It does leave your hair very soft and silky, which is a change for mine as it is dry and frizzy.

Jo xx


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