Ok thyroid friends 1. I had a few hiccups

Hello on my previous blog I was trying to start up a closed private thyroid friends group on Facebook , the only problem is because its a closed group know one can join it, so I've had a think and came up with an idea. I do apologise for this not being straight forward but it's the best way on order to keep the page confidential.

So if you go on Facebook and you have a page, on the search bar type in thyroid friends 1. Join group, this is an open group. Then I can add you onto the closed group.

Hope this makes sense. All I'm trying to achieve is a place to make friends with thyroid conditions. In my own personal life I seemed to of lost some friends and most people in my life don't really understand how hard this condition can be.


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  • I wonder if you have accidentally made it a secret group instead of a closed group. You should still be able to search a closed group and request to join. The group admin would then need to approve the request. If it's a secret group you won't be able to search it.

    If you join a closed group people can see that you are a member but can't see what you have posted or liked unless they are also members of that group.

    I also can't see thyroid friends 1

    I hope that makes sense.

    Carolyn x

  • It should work now x

  • I am determined to do this site but my Internet connection is down now, can you all bare with me, when I'm all set up I'll do another blog. Really sorry guys. One way I know I can add you is if you find me on Facebook. Sarah Evans there's a picture of me and my little boy xx. Carolyn thanks, one group is closed and private and one is open and none of them visable, it's a bit tricky due to Internet going down too. I'm starting to wonder if its my own personal settings causing a problem, but leave it with me and whenever it is I don't know but I will be in touch x

  • Well done for trying to organise a group through facebook. I agree...people that dont suffer thyroid problems dont understand..and I think my friends think I am mad. Look forward to joining the group when you get it going xxxx

  • It should work now x

  • Hi Sarah,

    I think its a brilliant idea. Looking forward to joining also.

    Love Angie xx

  • It should work now Angie x

  • Thanks xx


  • sent a request but not letting me join ?

  • I'm going to join my pics a. Photo of a Minnie Mouse red cake x

  • Cheers x

  • Is u picture on facebook u say with u little boy is his head on u u shoulder

  • I've just joined the group but there is one big problem. I am being inundated with emails every time someone joins or posts in the group. I can see this becoming a major headache... I don't want to unfriend myself to avoid this so will wait a few days to see if the notifications fall off. I could get my email account to divert the notifications to my trash but am worried that this will mean all FB notifications go this way. Oh dear. Any suggestions?

  • When I joined, I went into notification settings and switched ON. You need to do the same and switch OFF. I think you can do this specifically for this group.

  • OK, thanks. I've just done this. Glad I don't have to unfriend such a great group!

  • Thanks nickym1


    I have look on facebook and there are a few so not sure which one is your group.mel

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