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I have been suffering from tiny, fine spots over the roof of my mouth for months now. I saw my GP who could not offer an explanation. They don't hurt but I can feel them and see them, they are tiny almost pin head sized and feel rough. I know this is random and probably unrelated to anything here but I just wondered if anyone else suffered the same?

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  • Sounds to me like thrush of some kind. Have you tried eating live yogurt something like Rachel's which is fat free and low in sugar and GF. Of take a good Probiotic to see if that clears it up.

    Is your mouth very dry normally?? I ask because Sjogrens Syndrome tends to run with Thyroid if you have the autoimmune kind and that cam predispose you to having problems with mouth conditions. If it does not clear up with the yogurt or probiotic, see a dentist or another GP.

  • Hi there

    Apparently it's not thrush, but I am seeing another doctor next time I go. Probiotic yoghurt makes no difference to it and my mouth isn't dry. I saw my dentist who couldn't shed any light on it either. What's left? Lol

    Thanks for your reply :-)

  • Hi daisymoo,

    I have a similar problem in my mouth! the roof of it goes in wrinkles from time to time GP can not help it goes after 10 days or so!But i also have sore throat and fat tongue and have had it for years with no answers, but I read that this could be a symptom of B12 def, so I'm taking this and crossing my fingers.Hope you feel better soon,Regards wakeham.

  • Hi there

    Yes, yes I get the hard wrinkles in the roof of my mouth too. They can come and go. I can feel the little spots now when I run my tongue over the roof of my mouth, they are a permanent feature now. Oh and since yesterday I now have three red patches that have spread, haven't had those before. I haven't got a sore throat but have a weird swallowing thing going on. It feels like I have got a soft marble down in my throat esophagus area and I have the need to keep trying to swallow it down. Weird! I have bought some vitamin B12 complex and have started taking one every other day. How do you know if you have a fat tongue? Does it get noticeably bigger?

    Hope you start to feel better soon as it is a devil to deal with.

    Best of luck Jaq

  • Hi Daisymoo,

    my tongue just feels large in my mouth, my swallow is also weird! and the more tired I get the worse it gets. We will just have to keep taking the tablets eh!!! Regards wakeham.

  • Hi, I had a feeling like a pill was stuck in my throat. I went to see my GP about it and the couldn't figure out what was wrong. My thyroid levels checked out fine except my calcium levels were slightly elevated and my vitamin D levels were very low. They called me back in for more extensive testing...they still didn't know what was wrong. I think they actually thought I was crazy. I told her I know my body and something isn't right. I was lethargic my hair was falling out,I felt like I had a sore throat and it was always dry and I was severely thirsty. I kept feeling like I had a pill stuck in my throat and it would not go away. The next morning, I was looking at my neck in the mirror and it looked like it was puffy a little on the right side. I went back to the Dr. And showed them and they ordered an ultrasound of my neck. Came back that there was a significant size nodule on my right thyroid. I had a fine needle aspiration done a couple of weeks later and praise God,it was not cancer. It was large enough in size that it started causing more problems about a year down the road. It started making my pulse rate race and I had to go on beta blockers and I started choking on water and food. It was about the size of a baseball. I decided to have it removed because of all of the problems I started experiencing. If you are having a feeling like something is stuck in your throat and when you swallow it feels like a lump,get an ultrasound done on your thyroid and have it checked out for peace of mind. Most of the time nodules are not cancerous.

  • Hi have you seen you gp or dentist the things you are describing are all symptoms of mouth cancer xx

  • Can you see what colour the spots are and do they feel hard or soft?

  • Hi there Phoebs

    The spots can change sometimes they are the same colour as the roof of my mouth and other times red. They are sort of hard if that makes sense.

    Kind regards Jaq

  • What worries me is that your Gp does not know what it is so has he referred you? If he hasn't then he hasn't done his job. If you saw the Dentist then the same goes there too, if they don't know what it is they refer you to find out. If they don't know what it is what are they going to do then wait until whatever it is possibly gets worse? It makes me mad that the people we go to for help and advice so often don't give it. I would request a referral from either your Dr or the Dentist as there are some strange conditions out there, you could have one of them, hopefully not but you don't just want to wait around to see what happens.

  • I too have a very similar problem and mine affects my gums too. I've found it's usually worse when I eat lots of sugary snacks and when I stay away from them it tends to clear up within a very short space of time.

  • Might be Stomatitis nicotina. I have that i think. My doctor said it was due stress and cigarettes ( I smoked around 20 pr. day :o ) .. It can also occur in people who drink very hot beverages :) I've been told that it will disappear when i stop smoking, which i'm planning on, so hope it will disappear.. :) Maybe it's the same treatment if you drink alot of hot drinks :)

  • Iv recently bin having simular symptoms going to make doctors apoint tomorrow some areas if my mouth feel.soft and gritty iv got normal coulerd spots at the back of my tounge and sontimes feel like i need to keep swallowing even though there is nothing in my mouth

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