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Flu followed by return of symptoms (with a vengeance) and elevated TSH - is this typical?

I had been managing my symptoms well for the past year although I'm still very new to the long term implications and management of hypothyroidism.

In late January, I had a dose of flu'. After, I felt a bit washed out for a further week - but this is normal for me.

However, the following week, my hypo symptoms returned - it felt almost overnight. TSH test around 19 (0.35-5.5). My Gp has now raised my levo.

Is this sudden increase in TSH typical after illness and is it permanent?

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This most definitely can happen and has happened to me in the past following an infection or flu.I think it's happened to me recently-still waiting for blood test result.My GP agrees that illnesses like this can affect thyroid function.I hope the raise in levo helps you feel better.Perhaps you will need to stay on this new dose of thyroxine permanently or maybe other adjustments will need to be made over time.


Thank you for your reply - it looks like this is something else I need to become more aware of. I've been on the higher dose of levo for a few days - already better than last week!


I don't know for certain, but I'm sure this happens to me and has done for several years.


Thank you rosetrees - I'll be more aware and check for this in future. :)


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