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Thyroid antibodies have come back as normal - what to do now?

Hi everyone

My antibodies have come back with a reading of 10 and glucose with a reading of 4.2 - I'm pretty confused about it to be honest, is glucose normally tested??

I believe the top end of normal for antibodies is 20, so if everything is in range - where do i go from here??

(TSH currently being tested every 3 to 6 mths and is currently 5.1 - T4 14.4)

Hope everyone is ok x

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Have you got any ranges to go with these results? Labs have different ranges they work from so unless you post the ranges with your levels its a bit of a guessing game as to what's really going on.

You say everything is in range but they doesn't mean its an optimium level for you. My TSH as the moment is 1.41 (well within the NHS guidelines) but I am suffering and need to get it back down to one or under to start to feel really well again.

If you dont have the ranges phone the receptionist and ask her for them then you can post on here and give us a better picture.

Moggie x


I'll get back in touch with them and repost - thanks Moggie


Hello there, you will find your antibodies will also fluctuate, one time low and then high, this is what happining to me, it confuses all involved.



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