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What Blood Tests should I ask for via my GP for an unstable underactive thyroid?

My thyroid is unstable underactive, with nodules and all lymph nodes up plus I have antibodies and Tachycardia. One Dr said Hashimotos but it was a apassing remark and not told anything more about it.

I suffer terribly with full range of symptons, not limited to, joint, muscle & tendon pains, breast ache, lightening shooting through lymph systems from thyroid, tasting extreme salt when it does occur. Extra spurs bones on vertebra, tiredness, weight gain, trouble swallowing, intolerance to heat/cold, burning pain via skin, mood swings, hair loss, boils, headaches, tired all the time, itchy neck, high basal temperature, hot zones appearing randomly, depression, brain fog, confused, forgetful, memory loss attacks, shaking, mild tremours, disorientated, vertigo, light headed & blurry vision etc

Literally I feel and look horrendous.

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Can you get a copy of your latest thyroid gland blood tests complete with the ranges from your surgery and post them in another question, so that people can answer more fully.

You don't say if you are on medication -if you are - what is your dose.

You definitely have awful clinical symptoms.

Have you had your B12, Vit D, iron, folate and ferritin tested? If so post them too.


Hi ravenhex,

I'm not sure what to suggest you ask your GP for as you don't say what you've already had tested. But tsh, ft4 and ft3 would be great to have done but you may have had them done already. If so, when?

I am very interested to ask you about the intense salt taste you experience though. I am getting bouts of extreme thirst and my gp has ruled out most things and is putting it down to migraine. Could i ask you to describe how it feels a bit more please? Would be so grateful for any info.




Sorry forgot to say I am on Levothyroxine 75mg and 100mgs on alternate days.

Might just add I am complex, I say that as most GPs say so but neveravails as to why that is so. I do think if I had been tested earlier or my notes had been read when I changed GPs I may not have been in the state I am now. It was 12 years before my current GP realised there was a note in my medical file from my ol GP saying I was underactive thyroid and to start Levothroxine immedietly.

I have had iron ( believe its ferratin) checked before, I was told that I have iron-deficiency anemia, I seem to be unable to absorb it or having absorption problems. Have been upped to 2 iron tablets per day, and yet the blood test still comes back reporting low.

Never have had B12, Vit D,the other irons done or even suggested. Only Thyroid test I get is for free T4s care of so called specialist who just says, hello, see you in 6 months repeat bloods at 3 months and I ll write you if I want you altering your thyroxine, and thats it. When I try to tell him about my symptons he just replies, See you again in 6 months, repeat bloods at 3 months, as you HAVE NO SYMPTONS. End of meeting.

I am going to ask my GP for all my blood results in number form not the normal but low I normally get.

Gynaecology, recently wrote a letter saying my FSH and LT were low, no idea what they are? Estrogen normal and I know the normal estrogen part means I am not yet menopausal.

Salty bit.

All I can say is when I get the electric lightening pain, only way to describe it, shoot through the lymph nodes when the thyroid pulsates or clenches, its a very sharp pain in the thyroid area. So am assuming it is the thyroid doing it, When it does the pain is and instant ARGH!. Then I get the intense salty taste in my mouth. The taste is strong like if I had licked a spoon full of salt.

If I feel the thyroid and give it a poke the saltyness also occurs as does touching any of the lymph glands around it. Not always the lightening accompanies it but the salty taste yes.

I also noticed when I have a nose bleed, also what I get no end of, if touch the sinus area to stem the bleed, salty taste also appears. Related no idea.

The taste seem to come from the front of my mouth not the back of my throat where I would associate such a thing from coming, as in tear ducts are toward the back of throat not front of jaw area.

The weirdest one, and I have no idea if its related or not I keep getting attacks of strange smells. First smell is what I can only describe as acrid smoke, cigerette. electrical wire/plastic burning type of smoke, it is not burning rubber smell. Now I have wallpaper paste smell appear. Not all the time its random. The headaches and nose bleeds used to occur after it but Ive noticed, espeically with the wallpaper paste smell they dont alway appear. I checked with family and nobody can smell it except me. I can even taste it, espeically the acrid smoke smell. Honestly feels like I am breathing in clouds of smoke and can feel it being inhaled and exhaled and taken into my lungs etc. Very odd feeling and very unpleasant. My breath also feels hotter with this.The equivalent I can say would be to stand in an old pub chock full of smokers with a deep fog of smoke around. Thats how it is.

With the wallpaper paste smell I can taste it.

Headaches are crippling, I can get all at once or flashes or just one.They range from Cluster headaches, left sided, right, centre and back. Gripping headache from lower skull at the back. All over headaches. Headaches that appear and disappear quickly. Sinus headaches, feels like a headache behind the sinuses. Headache so intense I have screamed. Dull, pulsating, tingly. Some make me shut both or one eye. Headache that make the world spin/ light headed Just very weird. Hot headaches where it feels as though my brain ( if there is one left) is being boiled. Same heat appears across my chest and in the thyroid area. Some headaches blur my vision. Which I have noticed my eyesight is getting worse without the headaches.

I suffer with a dry mouth, whether its also medical related I do not know. My medication i take aside from Levothroxine, Amitriptalline- side effect is a dry mouth, hence I drink alot regardless. Soon as I speak my mouth dries up and its horrible.

My daughter went through a thirsty mode, with dry mouth. That appeared when her thyroid levels went sky high, and during pregnancy.


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