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What next!

I have suffered with an over active for 3 years. The first time was given carbimazole and beta blockers after a year my thyroid levels returned to normal.For around 18 months felt well. A month later symptoms start again and again diagnosed with it again.this time on carbimazole for eighteen months.I have now been off medication for 10 months and once again symptoms back got blood test tomorrow what treatment next?

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Hi, have you had tests done for B12, B5, Vit D, folate, ferritin, in fact all minerals and vitamins? Wondering if your adrenals are firing on all cylinders if not, they need support. In fact they need this support while you are on any kind of thyroid medication. Cortisol blood test might show something, it might not. Doesn't always. Are you on any other medication at all inc HRT, the pill, other hormone tablet, what about insulin level. All these things can have a bearing.

Be aware of "ranges" ; they talk about ranges NOT optimal levels. This latter is more important. eg "range for Vit D = 50 to 250 Optimal level 200, if you are below this some supplementing is necessary. Hope this helps.


B12 is a complex issue but vital vitamin and serum blood test isn;t any use see below..

PS. who ever is treating you should be monitoring your antibody levels, that is how they 'cure' people auto immune thyroid disease in Japan and Australia and the USA (USA if you get a good doctor!). It's good that you are on block and replace (normally this is limited to 18 months in total) Are you taking too much carbimazole - usually they prescribe too much - see

Don't let anyone talk you in to RAI (radio active iodine treatment), or anti depressants for that matter!


I think what you are asking is what happens if the hyper stuff comes back again? It may be that your endo has discussed possible future treatment.

If this condition keeps coming back then I would think that at some point you will be asked to choose between RAI or surgery.

They will not keep treating with carbimazole as this can cause problems with other organs over time. If you cannot remain eurythroid without meds then it will be one or the above options.

I think you can cover your bases with all the other stuff mentioned but as far as I am aware those things won't cure you. Good luck


I would think that they will consider a partial or total thyroidectomy or radioactive iodine to knock out the thyroid.

There are some on this site who would not countenance that, preferring to treat tit with 'natural' remedies (don't be fooled, 'natural' does not mean harmless) and that is an individual choice. There is a link which was posted by editfmrt a couple of days ago, you might find interesting. naturalendocrinesolutions.c...

A lot depends on:

1. is it Graves' Disease or primary hyperthyroidism?

2: Are there 'hot' nodules?

3: Are you in danger of Thyroid Storm?

All these issues would affect the choice of future treatment.


this sounds like graves disease, or i should say it is just like what happened to me on and off for 10 years. then enough was enough and i had a scan to see what my thyroid was looking like, and how big it was, they then were able to work out how much rai to give me, to destroy the thyroid. i was wondering if you are having any trouble with your eyes?


Although I have suffered on and of for 3-4years my doctor has never been very thorough with information. What i do know is that my brain is the course? And after my last treatment of carbimazole which I was on for 18 months I was took of as its not recommended to be on over 18 months. I getwhat information I can from the Internet. I haven't been referred to a specialist .i went for blood test today so shall see gp next week


Results back couldn't believe how quick. Over active again for 3rd time been prescribed carbimazole again see gp Monday.


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