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Periods/hormone changes & hypothyroidism

Hi, I am 48 and diagnosed over 2 years ago with underactive thyroid. I am on 100mcg daily. Last year I went through a phase of having periods every 2 weeks and being very heavy paintful etc. At that time I posted a question and got great responses from others who had similar symptons. Since December I have not had a period, have all the symptoms but nothing. Has anyone else here had a similar problem. I am aware that due to my age it may be a hormonal change going on in my body but I have also lost half a stone in the last couple of months and just interested to know if being underactive may be a contributory factor before making the dreaded GP appointment. Any advice greatly apprecaited.

Many thanks

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Hi The only thing I can say is I have never heard of this. of course all hormones are connected but there are so many, I would say the weight was all down to the medication.and result .not effecting the periods, but that is the natural alteration in the body. Make sure you have TSH, T4 and Free T3 done and ask for the pre and post menapausal bloods to be done. This will give you much more idea.It is a very good test.

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Hi Jackie,

Thank you so much for your reply, much appreciated.

Best wishes



Hello and welcome to my world.

First thing. write a list with all your symptons and anything that is different from how you are normally. Take it with you when to see any Drs.

I have the same issues. I had a hysterectomy in 1994 as my periods had gone out of control. Either non stop heavy periods or sporadic. I was given Deprovera to try but I reacted badly and went into a 'RED MIST RAGE'. Its a rage that suddenly appears, be it raction to something silly or provoked. Honestly I could have killed it was horrific, I could feel it starting but could not stop it. I described it as a monster taking over and Im stuck watching it unable to do anything.

After that, hysterectomy but ovaries left in. Everything wonderful until 6 months post operation. I collasped in acute pain. I developed cysts on my left ovary and while it popped it made me very ill. Once it healed over I wasperctly OK. Turned out every 6 months I went through this. Until 2002 when it went out of control and its non stop.

I found out by mistake that in 1996 my old GP had blood results indicating Underactive Thyroid. As I moved areas this bit of news was missed until 2008. When my daughter started having the exact same symptons as mine were in the beggining before the hysterectomy and cysts started. Heavy periods, sporadic, mood swings, tired all the time, no energy etc.

As her GP was my old one, she ran the blood tests. Back they came underactive thyroid. Dr told my daughter, ask your mum about thyroxine as shes got an underactive thyroid and has to take thyroxine.

Bingo, I went to my own GP and told her, she ran the test and yes I was underactive. For 10 years this had gone by with nobody noticing it in my medical notes. The damage is done to me now, I doubt I will ever regain full or parital health.

Underactives, typically gain weight, Over actives lose it. Not true in all circumstances.

My hormone level, Estrogen,oestrogen, Estrogel, spelt many ways, it always normal as though I have 2 functioning ovaries, ( mine are embedded into the bowel). I should have entered the menopause years ago, but no I'm still fully functioning as before. It is only now the one thing they forgot was the thyroid and as it is part of the sytem that controls hormonal levels, it being out of whack, erratic/heavy periods are one of its symptons. I do feel if they had bothered to run mine, I may have ben spared what I have and still am going through.

Each case is different, but as a good starting point I'd recommend the following to rule out.

Get your GP to blood test fully, for all thyroid plus antibodies, all the hormones, all B vitamin including B12, cortisol, and a menopause test. Insist on all of them fully being taken. Other wise you might end up having TSH and not alot esle.

Menopause check can show wether you are in the menopause. not entered yet, or just entering, perimenopause.

When getting results of the blood tests. Ask for the amounts to be written down. and anytime you hear its normal ask for the level. High normal, middle normal or low normal. The Drs are a bit pigheaded on giving results and as long as it reads normal thats it.

Also Endometriosis feeds on oestrogen and therefore causes period problems via fibroid growths in the womb..

Next step after they blood tests is get a full pelvic ultrasound and MRI/CAT scan, Ultrasound can see any issues before MRI/Cat the more expensive scans.

From there then its onto specialists to find whats going on.

Good luck, hang in there and ask me anything.


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