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Did/does anybody ever expierienced stomach upset/pain/gastroenteritis/ duodenitis -after taking Erfa Thyroid?

I can't believe this but my duodenitis symptoms are back- pain in my middle right abdomen. I don't know if I should associate it with erfa. I took it for 3 days and I was feeling some slight improvements which gave me hope but now this duodenitis is back... I am so sad. I hope that's not erfa.

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H Is the pain very bad and is it in your right shoulder? If so , pain there is often pancreas, It is a total misconception that it is related to drinking, it often is not. I have severe pancreatitis and although had/ have lots of pain, it really is agony, screaming pain. If you think it might be this, that could possibly associated with Erfa. There is a simple stool test called Faecal Elastase. If enzymes low then tablet of replacement enzymes ( script of Holland and Barrat ) 20 mins before food should help. It effects digestion and absorption. Having seen gastros for over 40 years ,none of mine manage do diagnose this ,it was may endo, now I also see a Hepatologist actually for liver ,gall ,bladder and pancreas,he is far more knowledgeable.

If it was me I would start with reducing my dose to a half a tablet for the first week and then gradually increase the dose until the prescribed amount. You do not say what dose you take,that way you can be pretty sure that you can tell what is happening. Also contact the endo? who prescribed it..If not seeing an endo, if having problems I would try and see a good one. They deal with the whole body because of their qualifications and expertise.

Best wishes,Jackie


I don't know if this link will help - an extract and cursor down to the question January 30, 2002

some patients avoid problems absorbing thyroid hormone by taking it in the middle of the night. They keep a bottle of thyroid hormone in the bathroom. With the bottle close at hand, they take their single 24-hour dose when they get up at night to urinate. That time of night, of course, should be long enough after they’ve eaten before going to bed—at least two hours later. It should also be long enough before they get up and eat breakfast—at least an hour before.


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