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Hello Everyone, did anybody know from your own experience how to treat thyroiditis without thyroid replacement treatment?

Hello Everyone I was diagnosed with Sjogren's syndrome but also with thyroiditis I have all symptoms of thyroid inflamantory change, huge problem with concentration, anxiety, problems with swallowing, very low body temperature and ... but Doctor said that my blood is normal TSH 2.82 ESR 3 and TPO 206. I am not really sure what that means My doctor advised me to go to another clinic and focus more on Sjogrens, because I have strongly positive ENA RO and La i am taking salagen and Quinoric which suppose to help me with the dryness.I am confused and lost with all this date,and i ain't sure what i should do next. And in meantime the symptoms are not changing the worse is lack of concentration and anxiety,if anybody have similar symptoms please let me know what I should do.

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Hello, anxiety is not nice indeed, let alone with smptoms, which will compound your anxiety. Your blood test aint normal, your TSH is a bit high and your TPO antibodies, suggest Auto immune D, although sjogrens syndrone wont help. TPO and TGA are present it cases of thyroiditis, graves D and hyperthyroid, not to mention Hashi.

Thyroiditis will eventually correct itself, that will give you anxiety, if not you will flick between hypo and hyper. causing the smptoms you describle.

have a look at the TPO antibodies and the normal range as I feel your are a bit high, print them out and give them your G.P.

I hate anxiety I get it out of the blue, no reason whats so ever.

hope this helps x


Thank you for reply. i used to have very stressful job which i have to quit bec i went sometimes angry out of blue and things which i did before in 15 min is taking me an hour now!

it is nice to hear from people with similar problems. Best wishes J


I cannot improve on that good answer.I would just add that once one has auto immune thyroid disease, the results often means a lot more autoimmune diseases, as you have found. There are so many and you need to be aware of them all , I think at the last count I had 12! They do not all start at once and you may be lucky but most docs are not good at diagnosis, so be aware! Some cannot be treated , others are treated as they turn up!

Best wishes,



Thank you so much It is great to hear from other people with similar problems.best wishes J


Going gluten free and dairy free has helped many with autoimmune conditions. You will need to do some research so you understand what you are dealing with. This can be difficult but if you leave it up to the doctors they can miss things. LDN has also helped in many situations. PR


Thank you so much for reply, Best wishes J


Thank You for reply. I wasn't sure what is LDN, but I checked on internet, is it safe? this drug seems to be quit popular for MS. I am already on my GLUTEN free diet.J


Joyleen, Take a look at this post please, it will give some links.


Dr. Holtorf's site and Mary Shomon's sites have a lot of info that will be of interest. Put LDN into the search box at the top of the page, right side, of this site and you can find links to some sites about LDN. I have not used it myself, I have not dealt with autoimmune thyroid problems, hope this helps. PR


Joyleen, efilwol posted this site, it has info on LDN and autoimmune. PR



Thank you, That is very helpful.Best J


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