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tsh 2.41, FT4 10.8

I had my bloods done 2 weeks ago with normal TSH as above according to UK normal range. But I had many years of migraines, bouts of depression, also have palque psoriasis.

Recently have been not well, have made big mistake at work(unusal for me) as a result of my poor concentration and tiredness. It then hit me that I am not well. Previous to that I have been having body aches and joint pain that has been gradually increasing for the last 3 months.

I contacted an endocrinologist, a brother of my bestfriend in the Philippines and ask him questions and he has said that ideally TSH should be below 2. and with my level i have a subclinical hypo and should have treatment if i have all the symptoms.

This afternoon I went to see a GP and was told a very familiar phrase " your blood results are normal" I did not expect any different reply as I have read all the blogs related to this condition and was surprised of how many are suferring like me. I tried to tell her all other my symptoms but she said to me that maybe my depression is coming back and gave me another pill for acid reflux. Thanks to her.

Now I dont know what to do. Maybe I need to go see my friend in the Philippines to treat me. Seriously...

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First of all, let me say that I am so sorry that you have to suffer in this way. Like so many who come here for help and for answers, you are being told you are normal when you know there is something wrong.

Once upon a time anyone who went to a doctor feeling as you do would have had some sympathy and the doctor would have diagnosed you on the basis of your symptoms. Now we have the TSH!

This has made doctors close their eyes to the patient who is sitting in front of them and look at a computer screen to make a decision.

They look at the result and tell you it is 'in the normal range'. But that 'range' is a laboratory range, not a description of 'normal'. It tells him nothing about what your thyroid levels were when you were well. Some people could have these results and feel perfectly fine. Another, like you, could be really feeling ill. For me, the TSH would have to be so low it can hardly be measure before I started to feel well.

Do you have your blood test as early as possible in the morning? That is when the TSH is highest, and in some cases could make the difference between being diagnosed and not being diagnosed.

Another option is if you are able to see a doctor privately, there is a form to fill in for a list of private doctors and practitioners in this country, which you will find on this link on the main Thyroid UK Website:

It would also be a good idea to have some blood tests done privately, to get a better idea of what is happening to you. Have you had tests for Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Folate and Ferritin? Also your free T3 would be useful, because the TSH and T4 only tell part of your thyroid levels.

If you take trips home reasonably regularly, in your situation I would be inclined to do what you say, and see your friend's brother on one of my visits home.

I hope that information here can help you to decide what is your next step.

Marie XX


...cannot improve on the very helpful post above. However you could ask your GP - what is normal ? I don't think he/she will have a reply. What is normal for one is not normal for another. What they mean is that your results are in range - and one size cannot possibly fit all. We are individuals....and need to be treated as such.

Do hope you soon feel better....


I would start to suspect a pituitary problem? Your FT4 is right at the bottom of the range and it seems to me that your body is not producing as much TSH as it should. TSh is produced by your pituitary.

If your doctor continues to refuse to help you, you could try nutri products, or other glandular products. I'm not talking full strength Natural Dessicated thyroid, but products that are legitimately sold as health supplements. I take nutri thyroid and nutri adrenal extra on the advice of Dr P.

Nutri also make a nutri pituitary. You could look at trying nutri thyroid and nutri pituitary. Again, only if your doctor won't help you.

You could also try making an appointment to see or speak to Dr P


if my surgery wont listen this time i would have to do this.


My advice would be to try and see a different doctor at your health centre - hopefully you will eventually find one that knows more and listens to you. When I was first diagnosed Hypo I was referred to an endo for a check up and he gave me new recommended levels of TSH 0.5 - 2 for my GP to stick to. Although they would often forget so I got a print out of the letter and took it with me for every check up and made sure the doctors didn't fob me off with 'normal'. I wish you the best of luck :)


Hi Jenrio, Your symptoms sound very much like mine. I've had migraines and chronic headaches for ten years which stopped my career and ended many relationships :( I also have psoriasis, had acid reflux, and I've had depression from an early age but never took anything for it. My worst period of depression was when I lived in Spain I existed that was it. At that time my TSH was 6.5 and my FT4 was below range but the doctor never told me that this could indicate hypoT. Instead I was sent to a psychiatrist who wanted to stuff me with pills! I didnt take them.

What im saying is all the above advice is what you need to do (difficult when you feel rubbish I know) and remember the depression isn't you it's the illness. You're not alone in this and I'm so glad I found these guys too. Be good to yourself and try not to stress (easier said than done I know). Good luck XOXO


thanks to all your comments hopefully my brain can take it all in. lol. but kidding aside im doing my research about raw thyroid. any ideas welcome....ty...


As the gp is prescribing a 'depression' on no medical basis.

If you are not working and have the time you could ask for a counselling/psychiatrist treatment, if this is free. It will not solve anything but could be interesting for your life experience and you could interview them and find out about them.

Sometimes the psychiatrists prescribe t3 and with your results shouldn't be a problem, this might be a way of obtaining a treatment for your hypothyroidism around your gp.


All good advice above. Not only is there a resistance to treat you, there is a resistance to allow you to see your test results. You are permitted to have a printout so it's suggested you receive those. There is a lot of information available and when you learn it, you will be able to assert yourself. Here is a sample.


i work in nhs and so sad it s happening to us all. yeah will act upon your comments. ty to all.


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