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How much T3?

Further to my posts two weeks ago when I was feeling rough, symptoms returning etc. I saw a nurse who reviewed my history. She said the bloods done in June and "abnormal", the bloods done two weeks ago were " normal" (so why after feeling fine was I rough if my bloods are "normal"?)

Anyway I'm still feeling rough and don't have an endo. appointment until mid November.

I'm taking 60 mcg. T3 split doses 40/20.

Is this " a very high dose" as the nurse says or can I increase it? I'm worried because we are on holiday in November before my appointment and don't feel like site seeing Britain in the cold and wet.

I had Reiki last week and the girl said my energy levels were low. Is there anything I can do to feel better?

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If you're on T3 only I don't think that's particularly high, I'm on 75mcg a day unless it's a physically active day then I need 87.5mcg - how are you feeling in yourself? Do you know if your B12 and folate are optimal? X

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Thanks for your reply Lisasones, reassuring to know I can go higher. I just feel so tired during the day. I tend to do half an hours housework the rest for half an hour. Bitterly cold in the evenings and disturbed sleep.

I'm hoping the endo. will do B12 and folate or I might see if I can get them done before I see him.

How do you dose your T3? Perhaps a different routine might help me.


I do 25mcg when I wake up (about 8am and have breakfast at 9am) another 25mcg at 1pm (or 2pm if I've had lunch at 1pm) 12.mcg at 5pm (or 25mcg if I've had a busy day) and the final 12.5mcg when I go to bed - I've been doing this four months now and could possibly increase as I've not yet gone hyper and I do feel the T3 getting low sometimes (my neck aches, my eyes want to shut themselves, I get cold and my tinnitus gets LOUD) this when I know I need the next dose sooner rather than later - I find it very easy to manage the doses, just listen to my body and I'm only ever twenty minutes away from feeling normal if I do get low - the most important thing for me is potassium, if I don't drink two glasses of coconut water a day I can feel the T3 starting to be less effective - and I self inject B12 and take folic acid and Vit D & K2 and magnesium too, so I know everything else is at a good level ☺️ X


Thank you Lisasones, I shall try to follow your routine and up my sups. xx

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Beaton, you felt well in June because your FT3 was 5.2 and in Sept it was 3.9 which is why you're not feeling well. The nurse is commenting on your TSH which was low in June and in range in Sept. Ignore comments about abnormal TSH and be guided by your FT3 results.

You probably need to increase T3 by 10mcg-15mcg.


Thanks Clutter, I know you are right, just a bit scared to increase my dose.

Thanks to you and Lisasones I'm going to do it. xx


Thanks AngelaBlu, It gives me the confidence to up my doses. I am lucky to get T3 from my GP but the nurse and endo. make you feel like a drug addict, sharp intake of breath and head shaking. xx


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