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If you were on a trail of T3 & T4 after 2 week of the trail you did not feel any better, the symptoms were back- would you contact the Endo secretary for an earlier appointment or wait until til the appointment in 4 weeks time?

I dont want to appear to be a nuisance then again I dont want to feel like I do for any longer I felt ill for long enough.

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  • In an ideal world we would be able to contact the endo and discuss but we don't live there. My NHS endo (admitedly awful) would have demanded that I wait but my private endo I called and we changed the medication on the phone.

    If you are not feeling any worse you are probably better sticking with it and I am assuming you will be doing a blood test at that time so need a full 6 weeks to get a informed result. If you are feeling much worse, I would call and explain and see what happens.

  • Hi,

    I have never had a problem with contacting my Endo's secretary or any other medical person if I felt it necessary. If things arnt going to plan they need to know. If your endocrinologist then says you need to wait until your next blood test and the 6 week period you have your answer. Your not being a nuisance your looking after your health and that is what they are there for. I would contact them their used to it,.. My Endo put me on just T 3 and after three days I felt so ill I could hardly stand. I rang the secretary and explained what was happening, he was on holiday she paged him and he rang me I thought that was above and beyond his duty. fantastic. Never feel awkward about speaking up if more of us did it more of us would get better treatment..

    Good luck and im so sorry to hear your feeling so poorly hope you feel a little better soon.


  • I'd give it more time. I am T4 only and it took 6 months for me to stop feeling worse everyday and begin to recover.

    Not an expert but imagine with this much lag in response, it is tricky to get the dosage balanced. If you have a Dr who will give you T4 T3 combination , treasure them and let them guide you I am careful not to have them experiment too much or I'd be on and off treatment with every set of blood tests.

    Best wishes,


  • Im really sorry you are not feeling too good, yes contact the Endo and let him know how you are feeling, maybe he will adjust the dose or suggest something else, you are not being a nuisance.

    Lot of Love angie xx

  • Hi,

    What meds were you on before the trial and what were they changed to for the trial - T4 and T3 levels and when you take them in the day?

    If the T4 level was adjusted then what was it adjusted from and to?

    You said 'your symptoms were back' - did they go away?

    Can you explain how the symptoms have changed through this process exactly?

    Sorry to ask questions but sometimes things become more obvious to answer with an opinion if there is a little bit more info.



  • I was taking 200mcg of levothyroxine for 6 years.(diagnosed 10 years ago) I was then reduced to 175mcg two years ago. Last Sept it was reduced to 150 mcg to see if my symptoms would settle, but they did not.

    I went to see another Endo who said the thyroxine was not working for me anymore so he would trail me on Liothyronine 1/2 tablet in the morning (10)mcg & 125mcg of Levothyroxine

    my symptoms are still troublsome, dizzyness headaches muscle aches joint pain.......and of course the weighty issues.

    Cant wait to get sorted out to feel my usual energetic self!

  • Thank you for this,

    Im seeing my Endo a week on Tuesday, (I called the hospital yesterday) hopefully he will change my dose or medication.

  • Good luck with your appointment. Let us know how you get on. :)


  • Have you had a 24-hour urinary cortisol test to see exactly what output from your adrenals looks like?

    Have you had serum ferritin checked? Low iron storage can stop T4 from converting as can low selenium, B vitamins and magnesium. A good B complex and multimineral is a good idea.

    Other than this I'd say you were like me - T4 just doesn't work - more t3 and less t4? just a thought - they need to change something. Hope isn't a good plan.


  • Good luck with you Endo appointment, love and best wishes angie xx

  • Hi

    It took several weeks for me to feel any better when I started taking Armour Thyroid but, when I started to feel better and then had my blood taken my counts had turned completely around it was amazing. Perhaps you just need a bit more time.

    Best wishes and hope that you feel very well very soon.

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