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Should I have the op?

I'm 56 years old and 20 years ago I had a subtotal thyroidectomy due to a cyst. Since then I have developed a mulit-nodular goitre on the other side with the largest nodule 6cm. My thyroid is supposed to be in normal limits although I do feel tired a lot of the time. I have had an inconclusive biopsy on the nodule (not enough cells for testing). I have arranged another biopsy but my consultant suggests that regardless of the biopsy results I should have the other half removed as it could become cancerous. I am worried about requiring medication for the rest of my life and wonder what people think I should do. There seems to be so many postings about problems.

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I suspect that lots of people are not answering because they do not want to feel responsible for the path you choose.That is, they do not wish to feel that their answer tipped you one way or the other - but it was the wrong way!

Putting that to one side, I shall point out a few things as I see them.

Many people who had any form of thyroidectomy less than total nonetheless end up taking thyroid hormones. Usually for life. This could be you tomorrow - whether or not you have an operation.

There are well over a million people in England taking thyroid hormone. Of those, only a very small proportion are here or, indeed, anywhere else, asking for help. Maybe quite a large proportion actually do reasonably well? (Sure, lots of people who might have been classified by their doctors as fine have posted saying they are not right. It is not a question with a definitive answer.)



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