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QUOTE : ARTICLE - Why am I forgetting? " Underactive Thyroid" WHAT'S THE TREATMENT ? Your doctor will prescribe thyroxine if your blood test is positive. This will not only restore your memory, but your energy too.

OK - so stop the tears and hysterical laughter and here's the plan.

Unusually I bought a Woman's Weekly yesterday February 12th edition , as they had an article on salt inside. Salt article didn't give much room for my son who is doing well on his teaspoon a day. Then on page 28 ; I found the above quote.

How about a concerted write in to Woman's Weekly, Letters, Blue Fin Building, 110 Southwark Street, London SE1 0SU ( they ask for your details in CAPITALS) or

email to full name address and daytime number.

Thought something short referring them to Thyroid UK and pointing out that there are other treatments might start the ball rolling.

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  • You can find them on FB, but the link wouldn't work for some reason.



  • Mmm I couldn't do that either!

  • Sarah, was it a whole article? xx

  • It was part of a 2 page spread titled "Why Am I so Forgetful".They suggest Anxiety Stress and Depression: Menopause : Anaemia : Sticky Blood:Restless Leg Syndrome and Underactive Thyroid. Thyroid gets the shortest comment.

  • oh right! Thanks! :) xx

  • I've emailed them pointing them to HU, TUK and also the wonderful ladies at the Scottish Parliament. I suggested they researched their subject properly and then perhaps they could make a difference to the many thousands of people suffering. Who knows? They might even look in to it!

  • Hmmmmmmmmmm only trouble is it came back as the email didn't work :( will look in to it.

  • Didn't give up. I put it on their facebook page along with how to make a baby hat and a pattern for a crocheted pattern for a heart lol! Don't know how long it will stay there.

  • lol! Well done! xx

  • THANKS ELLA ROSE ! have solved the email address problem My fault SORRY like you had it returned I had mistakenly thought it was lpcmedia SHOULD READ ipc media even with my glasses on still looks like an l to me duh ! Love your post it on their facebook page idea shall follow suit if I can. X

  • have corrected it at top of page :-).

  • and put comment on their page - thank you

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