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Armour and ct3m advice. symptoms?


I have started Armour nearly a week ago now, touch wood no adverse affects as yet!!

I have got the ct3m book, and believe it or not I have read it.

I went from 75mcg levo one day to the armour the next. I do have low cortisol.

The main question is how do I dose the armour with the ct3m method after the initial dosage? I can't seem to find the information in pauls book that i'm looking for. Some kind of reference to dose or timings....think i need to have another dam good luck but its getting the time with my little terror lol.

I had a look through the sttm site and I read about starting on one grain but ofcourse it doesn't go into detail on the timings. I understand the am dose but, a bit iffy on the maybe mid morning/ evening dose timings and amounts.

Also aslong as its not calcium or iron can you eat near to taking armour?

At present I am taking 1/2 a grain 6.30am ish, then at 3pm i'm taking a quarter grain. I started at the beginning of the week on 1/4 2xpd one am at the same time, and one quarter at 3pm.

Symptoms so far-well maybe the second day of taking this I had this terrible uncomfortable sensation in my ears, so hard to explain how it feels, it made my eyes stream, the sensation really went through me, it was almost like pressure, I've had this before but this time it was much worse, it happened in the night and hasn't happened since.

Also tightness in my throat has been more noticable, but this has been happening prior to the armour aswell, but it seems to be slightly worse, especially after any increases and then it settles a bit. Anxiety-I felt anxious before going to bed last night and had to sleep it off, and I guess i'm quite stressed with little things at the moment but this may not be the armour.

Benefits so far, well i'm not exactly sure there could be a benefit so far, but its just a mild improvement if anything. I am still on a low dose and at this stage just appreciate minimal side affects.

Has anyone else experienced a more uncomfortable throat when changing meds?

A huge TIA

S x

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I think it is usual to start CT3M with taking a dose of 1 grain 1.5 hours before rising in the morning. You can then titrate both the time and amount based on your response (symptoms, the impact on your heart rate, blood pressure and pulse). I found 1 grain too much to start with and 1/2 a grain not enough, but 3/4 of a grain at 5am did it for me. I have since managed to increase the CT3M dose to 1 grain, and am taking 2.25 grains in total. xx


Thanks Clarebear,

How did you come to decide on the other times of taking the armour, mid morning evening and/late night dose, was it mainly trial and error, and how you felt plus like you say bp pulse and temp?

Many Thanks



Trial and error I think and also as my dose gradually increased I needed to find new times etc to fit it all in. I am currently taking:

1 grain at 5am

1/2 a grain at 11am

1/2 a grain at 4pm

1/4 of a grain at bedtime

When I was taking a bit less that this, i could feel the T3 wearing off as I got a tingly sort of headache and my vision would go a bit dark. I have tried to time the doses to stop this from happening. xx


i am starting with 1/2 graing but it is to be taking with levo in the morning. if you dont have problem with cortisol does it make a difference.

i am thinking about doing adrenal test trought genova the saliva one. any recommendations.

it is worht to do the Comprehensive female hormono profile? or better the adrenal stress profile or better the Comprenhensive adrenal stress as it says here



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