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Under Active Thyroid... Weight Loss is it possible?

I have a Under active Thyroid and ave had this for 3 years now and went up 2 dress sizes before being tested although under active runs in the family on us girls sides.... they put it down to me stopping smoking.. i knew it was'nt that.... and just cannot shift the weight.. i walk and i hardly eat anything .. except 3 meals a day...and am on 125m of thyroxine... i ave been Gym and Swimming and still cant get from a size 16 back to my normal 12.. even a size 14 would be better.. i am depressed as am very uncomfortable this size and plays havoc with my hips and bones!!.. is this how its gotta be now~? I am 53 now .. :(

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Are you under medicated? Ask for any test results..... How do you feel apart from too big? it is possible to lose weight, low carb seems to be the answer but hopeless unless you are on the correct meds...



Perhaps you aren't eating enough and are doing too much exercise, Skingirl. Yes, that is possible when you're hypo. If you use all your hormones and calories for swimming etc then you don't have enough for essential things like converting T4 to T3.

But, as galathea says, you could just be under-medicated. That would play a big part in stopping you lose weight.

Just a thought, Grey


As galthea says how do you feel? (apart from too big).

GG, I agree the whole 'you are fat eat less & over exercise' is rubbish. It's just under-treated Hypo, I keep my weight constant with low carb, meat & veg diet. (and added Vitamin D).

OK some folks manage to lose weight - good for them! but here's why it's hard - myxoedema is not fat! J :D x

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Skingirl80 - and stopping smoking is significant (well done for stopping)

have you had your Vitamin D & other vital minerals tested? e.g. iron, ferritin, B12 & folate. J x


Great video, spareribs. I didn't know that about the skin. I've been pinching myself all over! lol


pinching others is much more fun! xx

oh and that's a reason why doctors had calipers - I wonder if they know that?

and an old post....


Hi spareribs, I'm at my wits end with my health at the moment (feel free to see my postings recently) so researching before my GP appointment next week.

Is this not just cellulite or fatty tissues that most people get? I know lot who can't 'pinch' and not Hypo? I can't pinch most of my body and thought that part was normal for most people - yet my hips to knees are very different and not normal with visible fatty blobs??? Growing at a fast rate, with pain.

Is there any difference between cellulite, mucin and fat?

I don't want to look a fool next week.


I share your pain. I went from a size 10 to size 18 despite having exercised regularly for 20 years. Currently cycle 2 or 3 times a week and it's bloomin' hard going uphill with so much weight.

Good luck!


Tried the pinching thing - it hurt I now have a bruise!!! Don't really consider myself hypo as I'm not under medicated although I have had a TT I'm only little (size 8) but couldn't pinch skin just like lady in the video


er, i can't pinch either and i think I'm optimal with my meds - I never knew about that test, I'm going to be doing it on everyone who I expect is hypo!


Skingirl80 - I apologise for hi-jacking your post with the pinch thing, it was just meant to indicate that it is not necessarily fat making the weight gain, but myxoedema swelling.

Jane :D


I can't pinch skin either - Thanks for the info! :)


LOOL.. had ago at the pinching too and nope i cant pinch my skin either. Just tried... Interesting!!.. never ever thought of that.. I've just had another blood test and waiting for results ..

I was on 150 of Levothyroxine. but that amount was causing me to have bad headaches so they reduced my amount after a fight with the it was after an eye test that noted the problem and to why i was having these bad headaches.... the doctor argued with me and said these Opticians dont know what their talking about!!.... well she obviously did as the headaches stopped soon after..

I do feel bloated alot and i am eating enough im sure.. and most days i feel fine its just the weight issue that gets me down.. would just be nice to be back to my old slimmer self...

Thank you all for your input..


I'm doing the 5.2 diet. ( well lifestyle really). I've been hypo for 2 years and have only ever put on in that time!! But at last I've started loosing!!! It really is great, I recommend u to find all you can about it!! Mostly for its proven health benefits!! Lower cholesterol. Blood sugars, and IGF 1. It's a protein we adults don't need to much of. Michael Mosley did a prog for Horizon last August. I am finally Loosing weight.


Never heard of this diet.. can you share more details MummyG?..


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