how much sweat can one woman have?

Another day, the beds wet, my nightdress is wet and yes I have managed to wet my partner. oops

I am thinking adult nappies however they won't cover my legs arms and head? Perhaps a black bag? No no no

I wonder if I can still fit into the bath with my sleeping bag leftover from my student days?

Better start smiling my partner is running yet another bath.........

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  • I have only just noticed my icon is a man just another day...........

  • Do men have this problem?

  • Yes its his problem too when he sleeps in the same bed?

  • Have you looked at Chillow Pillows? they cool your head down great and make for a much better night...


  • Thanks I will, I am like the melting woman

  • I have Graves' and I was in Paris last December. I decided to visit the catacombs, deep underground beneath the streets of a frozen Paris. I was the only person in the catacombs who was walking around in jeans & t-shirt; everyone else was bundled up in coats, scarves, hate & gloves. I was sweating so much my hair was dripping wet in the freezing cold.

    On the plus side, I have not had the heating system on at home all winter. :-)

  • Hi It can be any hormonal imbalance. So not just thyroid, you could also have say diabetes which can cause this.If it is just bad night sweats, although most likely OK ,you need to check with a reliable doc as it just sometimes can be a warning of something more serous, it was with me.


  • Thanks for your reply Jackie. The district nurse is coming I will check it out.

  • When I became hypo thyroid on Carbimazole I was still suffering from hot times. Once on HRT the remaining sweating moments went. So mine weren't completely down to the Graves.

  • Thanks for your reply I have inflammatory arthritis in my left knee that could be adding to it too.

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