Weight loss means my weightgain whingeing is over (for the time being)!

Yes, I'm losing weight AT LAST!!! :)

After almost giving up on this ever happening - the scales today confirm it! I can also feel it in my body. That tight, bloated feeling everywhere is going and I can pinch my skin!

The weight loss has happened despite being unable to do much due to my knee injury. The knee is recovered enough to begin gentle walking again.

The reasons for the weight loss; T4 replacement is now at optimum levels - I know this as I feel so well. I'm very fortunate in that I convert well to the active hormone.

The other difference - I've reduced gluten in my diet, and although I haven't give it up completely, I've reduced it a lot; ie, one slice of bread and 1oz wholewheat pasta a day. All other carbs eaten are non-gluten.

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Well done, so pleased for you!

What dose did you end up on? Did you have to put pressure on your doctor to up your doses?

How long did it take for the mucin to go?

Thank you Helcaster.

Last TSH before raise of dose was 18.63. Dose raised to 50mcg (low in comparison to many I know). It took about 5 weeks to start to really feel the benefit and for the mucin to begin to go.

During those 5 weeks if I had cramps come on when I felt low I would take half a dose early - this always worked. The doctor wouldn't raise my dose any further during that time and there is no need to now. I guess as time went on, my 'reserves' built up and I no longer need to take my next dose early. So I have to agree that my GP - on this occasion ;) was right!


Sorry to be thick but what's mucin please? Wiki is too complicated tonight for my thyroid head x

You are so lucky! Were you hypo for a short time? Your dose is so low, but if it's worked that's incredible! Xx

It's hard to know, since I wasn't feeling right for a couple of years, but I put it down to so many other things at the time. Which comes first - the stress or the hypo?! I got my diagnosis in 2012, after several visits to the GP for stress/panic attacks.

I would add that I've also done a lot to try and help myself, since the GPs are so lacking in support... I've scrutinised nutrition, exercise, avoiding stress and I've learnt a lot about management of the condition - this site has been amazing.

I would also add that I appear to have no other deficiencies - vits etc and no other medical issues/autoimmune probs and I also convert well.

I do consider myself lucky, although there have been some very difficult times.


Hi! You definitely have to learn how to help yourself. I've learned heaps from the site and reading. It's good you didn't have any deficiences and i'm sure that must have helped.

There are hard times when you feel terrible and noone understands. Gp's are really good at that lol!

You enjoy your good health and weight loss! Xxx

Thank you! Hoping it lasts long enough this time to make a real difference before the next 'hypo-surprise' comes along and has to be sorted!


Thank you! You have given me new hope xxx


Never give up hope xxx

Fantastic news! I love to hear stories like this. Long may your new-found good health continue :)

Carolyn x

Thank you Carolyn. Lets hope I don't sabotage it again as I did with the running! x

Congratulations and thank you for posting. It does give hope to the newly diagnosed.

Thank you lilliput. There is always hope and we have to believe we can have good quality of life and health again. x

Hi there

Are you on 50 micro of levothyroxine? Sorry I'm new and don't understand the different drugs for t3 etc.... I'm now on 75 micro after a month at 50 with tsh of 75 - all Greek tbh x Kate

Hi Kate

Wellcome to the club! This site is great. I've learnt so much and have had so much support and over the past year this has been a Godsend. :)

I'm on 50 mcg of levothyroxine (synthetic T4). This is the simplist/cheapest treatment, so one of the reasons why GPs like it. Luckily I respond well to it and my body is able to convert this into the active hormone I need to make me feel well.

Some people don't respond well to levo on it's own and need a dose of T3 as well. This is the active hormone.

Other people prefer the natural products which are made from the thyroids of animals.

When did you start taking levo?

If it was only a month ago you may find you need more time on it before you really begin to feel well. It took me about six months, but it's worth it.

How are you feeling now?

A TSH of 75 is way too high. The usual progression is testing every few weeks and an increase until the test results are under 5.


I am so pleased for you, well done! I know many on here feel so much better on a reduced or eliminated wheat/gluten diet. You are right 50mcg doesn't sound a lor but if it is enough to keep you feeling fine and loosing weight then it is all you need. It is always good to hear about someone who is doing well on treatment, but I agree this site is a big part of that by empowering us with the knowledge to be able to ask to be taken seriously and to be put on the right treatment. Good Luck in the rest of your journey.

Thank you spendthrift.

You are so right about this site empowering us and because of this, I now have kept my own record of symptoms and how they change, blood test results etc so I have been given the knowledge and confidence to expect more from my medical centre... and I've got it!

Best wishes to you too.

That's really good news and I am happy for you. It's interesting how different we all are. I started my treatment for the first time six months ago and I'm 200mcg of Levo now and it does nothing for me at all. At least I know now I have a t3 conversion problem. I am coming off Levo next month and going on to NDT. Thanks for sharing your good news with us.

Hi Karispitit

Thank you.

You are right - we are all so different - we accept this - but it always amazes me that so many of the medical experts find this sooooooo hard to understand or take on board.

Really good luck with the NDT. I hope it works for you - it sounds promising. Thyroid issues are so debilitating yet I believe that it is possible to put them right, once the correct treatment is found which suits us.


Hi I'm on 200 how did you persuade your doc to test to see if you had a conversion problem?

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