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Can anyone recommend a good NHS endocrinologist in Staffordshire area?

Had a review with my GP today and been given 4 options of hospitals in Staffordshire for an endo appt (no Dr names given).

Wolverhampton, Cannock, Stafford or Burton on Trent.

Has anyone had a good experience at one of these hospitals that could point me in the right direction? Unfortunately I can't afford a private appt at the moment so will have to rely on the NHS for now, which is fine as long as the Dr is good. This is my second attempt at getting some sense as my first endo who was private was not really that helpful.

Many thanks

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Hi I cannot help you specifcally but if I need to find a new consultant, GP hopeless! I look on the hospital web site ,look up names and then look on the WEB for their CV. I have found some brilliant and nice consultants this way.

Best wishes,



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