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What makes you post?

- Desperation?

- Just want to know there's some poor soul in a similar situation to yourself so they may understand?

(feeling really guilty that I appear to want someone to be as poorly so you can talk)

- No-one's listening at home so, 99% of the time you're just getting on with it? (and it will sneak out somehow)

- Frustration - another useless visit to docs, who thinks your'e a hypochondriac?

- Just testing you still exist?

Well, you hang around for a bit lurking & reading, then you post your TSH and wow... someone actually answered!

Thanks for being there x

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It doesnt matter really what you post someone always comments and ive several conversations running with people who have done what im trying to do and its so nice and they understand how i feel, i think this is really great and thanks to everyone who replies or even reads my posts.


Well said . . . . I'm not sure how I would have got through the last few months without lurking in the background and reading about everyones experiences good and bad. We all share the same fears, fustrations, lack of understanding and yes it helps enormously that someone else has the same symptoms - believe me at 2.30am when the mind is working overtime and I'm convinced that I've got some terminal incurable disease that no-one has heard of - to know that someone else is reading this at some ungodly hour is wonderful . . . . yes thanks for being there.


I'm finally being listened to by a supportive endocrinologist and have a GP who although let's me knows what he is doing is contentious will prescribe what the endocrinologist says. All I'm missing now is someone to say you have hypothyroidism, not ME, pbc or some other mysterious disease but dont feel able to say as bloods are "normal" (only tested tsh). What I'm trying to get to IS reading blogs with people in similar situations give reassurance that I'm not alone and may get to some conclusion. (sorry for the long winded blog)


i post because i want to talk to people who understand. like with the radioactive iodine thingy i having soon. and i have replied to posts if i think i can help. thankfully i have never had any problmes with doses as i have been entirely asymptomatic throughout. but that may change and it good to look out for


I have discovered since being diagnosed with HypoT that there is more to it than the GP tells you. I like to stay informed and in touch but at the same time make my own decision about what advice to follow. I'm not sure that in my life offline, my condition, although medically diagnosed, is taken seriously by friends and family. None of them ever ask me how I am coping with it and I am just expected to soldier on. It helps me a great deal to read that others are experiencing much the same as I am. Sometimes when I have time I feel compelled to respond to anothers post even if only to emphasise. I feel very isolated off line with this condition and feel that it is typical of me to develop a condition that turns out to be somewhat controversial.


Hi All

I just also wanted to say that I have been so gratful to all that respond to our blogs and of course the team that have set this site up for us all, as I think a problem shared helps to sort it out, so thanks to all.

Regards wakeham.


Hi sparerib..l sometimes just read ,l sometimes feel the need to comment..l usually feel frustated and sad for all online members of the forum who cant get help or answers..WE all have one thing in common..we are all in the same boat and its good ( in a strange way) thay were not alone in whats happening with our health..we all own a different puzzle with different pieces missing or Maybe if your lucky pieces placed..hopefully with each others help and the advice we share

more pieces in our puzzles will be placed and MAYBE there wont be Any body on here! bestwishes to all x


Hi , I think it's nice to know your not on your own and that there will someone who will give you a kind word or some help with something that you feel really at a loss with , I know that this site has been of so much help to me and a big THANK YOU to everyone who take the trouble to reply , even if you don't really know the answer to your question , but just to say I'm in the same boat is a great help .

So yes thanks for being here , and better health for all would be great xxx


Thanks for the comments - suppose I should've put it in questions really...

:) I always want to comment on a lone post, even just to say Hi you're not alone! but more often than not I delete it 'cos I think - who the hell am I trying to give advice!

:) Knowledge is power they say- actually I think it's survival, but docs don't like you looking things up on tinternet, us mere mortals are bound to get the wrong end of the stick!

:( Sometimes I feel I don't belong here 'cos folks seem to have a diagnosis, well my gp has an extensive menu of what's wrong with me - it's annoying when you never used to visit the docs, but they don't take that into account.

:) The main thing I wanted to say was just 'cos you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there, and friends & family just don't know - so again......

Thanks for being there xxx

I'm sure I replied already - it's either fog or I cocked up before I pressed submit - I submit.


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