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Goitre and snoring

I have a goitre which is gradually getting larger along with lets say my physic!! It is very noticeable...Can a goitre cause snoring?? My hubbie is at his wits end and so am I because even when I do manage to get sleep at night He keeps jabbing me to stop me snoring..When I snore I can actually wake myself up and the snoring is coming from my throat not my nasal area..It also happens when I am not actually asleep just drifting off..Its driving us nuts..and the weight just isn't shifting because of my thyroid problems etc..

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Hi As far as I know the answer is no. However if snoring make sure you are not stopping breathing, sleep aponea ( forgotten how to spell it, too early!)If you think this may apply you need a home sleep test, overnight. If it is happening you have to have a mask called a CPAP. This can often prevent snoring too. A CPAP is horrible, I hate mine but vital if one keeps stopping breathing. Incidentally mine is very severe and I do not fit the normal pattern eg very underweight.On the thyroid side , make sure that you have had an ultra sound recently. Also if swollowing difficult this is important.



I have heard that snoring can be a caused by hypo amongst other things. Being overweight doesn't help (smaller throat) and if under medicated , muscles are generally weaker (including the throat) and an enlarged goitre presumably makes the throat smaller. All of which don't help. I used to snore when I was under medicated but not now - so it seems there is a connection. Do hope you can get it sorted, are you under medicated do you think?


Hi I had exactly the same problem as you.

I had a swelling in my throat and found I was snoring and waking myself up. I am better on my side to sleep not back. What was happening with me is my head would go forward and then the airway which was getting smaller because of the goitre pressing on it would cause me to snore loudly. If I fell asleep in a chair my daughter would wake me and tell me too.

In the end I had my thyroid removed which will be 7 yrs in march 2013. The weight gain has been an issue and I have dried diets, weight loss programs, I was dancing until last year and went to the gym on and off. The end result is I underwent weight loss Hypnosis at the end of october 2012 and finally I am shifting the weight.

I hope this may be of help and wish you all the best


have you had a laryngoscopy to check your vocal chords? i have a laryngeal nerve palsy which means my vocal chords do not relax completely and it makes me snore in my throat and this was happening when I had a goitre before my thyroidectomy.


Despite never ever having had a goitre, when my TSH was at 9.5, I used to snore when I was wide awake! It was really embarrassing. A loud snore would suddenly come out of nowhere in a room full of people and I'd have to try and pretend it was a cough! lol However, by all accounts, now that my TSH is suppressed by thyroid hormone replacement, I don't snore that much even when asleep.

Yes, snoring is on a lot of lists of hypo symptoms. Doctors immediately start whittering on about sleep apnea but very often it's just a case of getting your dose optimal FOR YOU. I can't remember the mechanics off-hand but a lot of people find it goes away when they are properly treated. And judging by what you say about your weight, you are not yet properly treated. What dose are you on? What were your last test results?

Hugs, Grey


I find (don't laugh) that using a "pregnancy pillow" (an L shaped pillow) helps me as it keeps me from rolling on my back and, along with the thyroxine, has helped to keep my snoring to a minimum :) ...don't give up hope :)


Thank you for all your feedback..I am on 125 per day since beginning on December..But I have done my usual feel okish for a couple of weeks then bang straight back to where I was.. The weight just wont shift..tried everything..Hashoo I have one of those pillows and nothing..I can sleep on my side,back,front..bolt upright and nothing works..I flew back on the redeye flight from NY last week and I was terrified to fall asleep because the flight was packed and I didn't want to embarass my Boys...I am seeing the endo on friday again so hope he can help


Extra weight (on your neck) can cause or worsen snoring. So the best way to stop snoring is to lose weight, but that is often easier said than done.

Contact your GP what to do, he or she can help you to lose (some) weight and/or can give you information on how to stop snoring. You can also try to lose some weight on your own. I did, and for the snoring I used the anti snoring mouthpiece I bought on . Quite cheap (16,95) but it worked and gave me enough energy to exercise during the day and get rid the excesses weight.

Good luck!



I have been taking too much thyroid replacement. When I was on 195 mcg/day, I was snoring (not sleep apnea). Now, i am on 97.5 mcg/day and I am still snoring. I think many people take too much thyroid medication. I have a multinodular goiter. I'll try to buy the mouth piece from


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