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Post-partum hypothyroidism - would I need to come off meds to know if it's reversible?

It was never even suggested to me 6 years ago that my post-partum thyroiditis resulting in hypothyroidism might resolve itself. I was plonked on thyroxine - 100mcg and there I stayed. Would I know if it had a chance of resolving, or would I need to come off the meds completely to find out? Presumably, taking meds makes your own thyroid believe it doesn't need to try so hard so it suppresses its function even if it recovers to the point where it could do its job properly. Or am I barking up the wrong tree? Would it be the case that if my thyroid was working properly AND I was on meds that I would go hyperthyroid which would be a clear indicator to cut down the meds? Please could someone clarify for me? I have actually just started Armour as I've had a horrible time with chronic palpitations and am desperate for some improvement, but I'm now thinking, maybe I should just try to let my body work for itself. Would this be a bad idea?

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Hi It really depends on how quickly you were put on Meds. It takes a while for the thyroid to stabilise after having a baby It is normal to stay hypo for ever once diagnosed what ever the reason. On the other hand as you know thyroxine is sometimes used to treat bad depression but from what I have been told by psychs etc it is best to stay on the thyroxine. as that could be a strong indication that you needed it any way.

I it was me and I was not happy first, I would get my blood results, TSH, T4 and Free T3 with ranges ( most labs are different) and then if still not happy try reducing the dose and in a month have a further test. You can test yourself through the TUK site, bloods and Blue Horizon. this would be the intermediate test. £61 with the £10 discount, quote TUK 10.

i hope this helps, above all I would say you would not be likely to be treated if bloods show it was not needed.On treatment T4 should be in top third of range and Free T3 often needed to be near the top.



I cannot answer your question but for your information this is a link re pregnancy and the last two questions may be helpful.


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