Effectivness of the Paleo Diet

I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid over 7 years ago and I am currently taking 150grms of Levothyroxine. It has been suggested that I try the Paleo diet as although I am "coping" at present there is a vast room for improvement in my general wellbeing. I wondered if anyone else had followed the diet and if they had felt any positive or negative results. Thank you

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  • You can read all about it on Dr Sarah Myhills website I believe......excellent site for masses of FREE information...

    Good Luck ! Healing the gut is a positive move is calming all sorts of problems in the body. You may wish to look at Dt Natasha Campbell-McBride's book - 'Gut and Psychology Syndrome ' for the same reason.

    Good Luck !.........

  • I think only eating Traditionally consumed REAL FOODS (not industrially produced, refined, over-processed imitation foods) that we know human DNA evolved consuming is a sensible option for everyone.

    But we also have to remember that early humans lived outdoors near naked and would have had Vitamin D3 25(OH)D levels at or above 125nmol/l or 50ng/ml. That is the natural point of vitamin d equilibrium at which it is most effective as an anti-inflammatory agent and human milk comes vitamin d replete. If you want a paleo diet to work you will also need to use sufficient Vitamin d to achieve a paleo vit d level.


    All the foods early humans consumed were free range organic. They therefore had higher OMEGA 3 levels than are achievable with modern foods. While we can eliminate the use of omega 6 vegetable/seed oils it's difficult to source meat that has been exclusively grass fed or wild caught fish or pastured poultry so consider a fish oil supplement.

    Another consequence of modern food production is the lack of magnesium in modern fast growing varieties. Because they are higher yielding and faster maturing they spend less time in the soil and the nutrient density may be less. 100mg magnesium chelate with each meal and before bed may help restore magnesium status.

    Both omega 3 and magnesium better enable Vitamin d3 to switch on/off the production of it's active hormonal form Calcitriol. and so the combination work better as a team rather than as individual supplements.

    Another point to bear in mind is that Paleo folks had no electricity and light and night would have been minimal. Improving melatonin production, Using FLUX on digital displays, keeping bedroom as dark as possible and doing everything possible to improve sleep duration and quality will help.

    Human DNA evolved to produce the anti inflammatory antibiotic antioxidants Vitamin D3 and Melatonn 24/7 Vit d from dawn to dusk from full body sun exposure and Melatonin from dusk to dawn.

  • I have ME with adrenal, thyroid, immune system and digestive problems. Switching to the paleo diet and excluding all dairy and gluten had a big, positive effect, and I continue to improve Within a few weeks I started to feel, and look, much better. I do this in conjubction with other treatments/supplemenst/lifestykle changes to support my recovery which continues steadily. eg l supplement with vit D, omega 3, Selenium, iron, adrenal and thryoid glandulars amongst other things and take regular naps.

    I hope this helps.


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