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Effectivness of the Paleo Diet

I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid over 7 years ago and I am currently taking 150grms of Levothyroxine. It has been suggested that I try the Paleo diet as although I am "coping" at present there is a vast room for improvement in my general wellbeing. I wondered if anyone else had followed the diet and if they had felt any positive or negative results. Thank you

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You can read all about it on Dr Sarah Myhills website I believe......excellent site for masses of FREE information...

Good Luck ! Healing the gut is a positive move is calming all sorts of problems in the body. You may wish to look at Dt Natasha Campbell-McBride's book - 'Gut and Psychology Syndrome ' for the same reason.

Good Luck !.........


I have ME with adrenal, thyroid, immune system and digestive problems. Switching to the paleo diet and excluding all dairy and gluten had a big, positive effect, and I continue to improve Within a few weeks I started to feel, and look, much better. I do this in conjubction with other treatments/supplemenst/lifestykle changes to support my recovery which continues steadily. eg l supplement with vit D, omega 3, Selenium, iron, adrenal and thryoid glandulars amongst other things and take regular naps.

I hope this helps.



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