Advice on Dr P's diary!!

Hi all,

Have done the 6 week one and am just about to start on the 12 week. Nutri thyroid ordered.

Previously I took my pulse and temp in the morn first thing AND midway thru the afternoon AND just before bed as was not too sure what 'PM' was asking me to do....any thoughts?

Typically it was around 36.3 basal, very slightly higher or the same around 3 PM and 35.8 before bed!


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  • I take mine on waking and just before bed. Dr p has never said anything to the contrary.

    High scores for you too! 36.3 hey! :0)


  • Ta Si,

    Out of interest whats yours?


  • Well it was steadying out at 36.0. I got my 3rd diary off dr p last weeks and he suggested upping nax and my erfa. I've done so and my temps have dropped slightly. 35.8.....9. Don't know why.

    I have very short periods of feeling normal ish now but still I slump back. Like the carrot is dangled but always taken away! Lol right direction but oh so slow/frustrating! I think my adrenals are still struggling.....

    You ?


  • I think the NAX and Q10 have helped, will be very interested in seeing what the Nutri thyroid does

    Have started a reasonably strict (within reason and work restrictions!) Candida diet + supplements, certainly not the first for me have been experimenting with this for many years...


  • Yeah me too! 14 years now!! Does make you wonder if there is a recovery out there.

    I've been working on my diet too. Just gone organic and started eating meat for the first time in 14 years!

    Are you on any thyroid meds? Why the Nutri thyroid?

  • No thyroid meds have never been 'officially' diagnosed.

    Genova diagnostics would disagree however!

    Candida / chronic fatigue diet experiments for 20+ years, thyroid / adrenal supplements 2 months Nutri thyroid starting tom.

    Am veggie too...but eat fish... and have been for 3 years. Probably need to eat meat but hate contributing to killing anything.

    Where are you based? Do you work?


  • Ha ha.... You sound like me!

    Yeah I really didn't want to eat meat but dr myhill suggested I really should to get well. Other articles have suggested the same too. I gave in in the end to give it a try and find out for myself. Also, following the paleo diet it's principles being mostly based on meat.

    I'm in essex and yes I work. You?


  • Brighton though from S Wales....self employed.

    Found out my T3 wasnt being used in 2008 but the practitioner though v good wasnt as thorough as Dr P or my own research! (lots in the last 4 or 5 months)...

    Also my Cortisol levels were terrible as well...had another adrenal stress test recently which looked almost 'normal' but I certainly didnt / dont feel it!

    Loads wandering around in the UK feeling like sh*te with Thyroid / adrenal stresses misdiagnosed by over paid GP's

    F*cking disgraceful!


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