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Endo that prescribes armor and not only levothyroxine?

Hi ,

Hope someone could help me.

I had the list of the private GPS and healthcare practitioners from this site and this is very helpful; I was just wondering if anyone knows or has been to an endo that also prescribes or considers other medicine than just levothyroxine?

My problem is with the tsh which is still 2 even with 125 mg of levothyroxine everyday and I start to have a quick heart rate which is giving me troubles at night etc; I have low low ferritine level, low platelets and even if I'm only in diet and I workout very hard every day, my weight seems to be an issue.

I'd like to find a serious endo that might consider other treatments for me..

Hope you can help me;



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If you haven't done so already, you could check the Hospitals section of this forum to see if anyone has given feedback on hospitals near you. Here's the direct link

Also, if you give some idea of your location, members who are in the same area might PM you with their own suggestions.


Thank you!sorry I was sure I said I live in London..:)

In the meantime I'll check that link!'


dr Mantzourani Harley st


Have you been there? Did you like him?

Thanks a lot!


Hi I've checked the site; she is a private GP not

An endo!


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